Tie Bu Tian sighed and said sadly, “Lan Xiang, help me massage my temple.”

Those words sounded as if he already knew she was there, but Lan Xiang knew that when he is in such a trance, he would not be able to perceive her presence. This was because Tie Bu Tian never showed his weakness to anyone!

Tie Bu Tian lifted his head and looked at Lan Xiang, his eyes returned to their normal brightness; they did not even need time to change. He had returned to the original splendor of reigning Prince Tie Bu Tian of before!

Lan Xiang immediate responded and walked forward gently. The prince is already very tired! What I should do is use all of my ability to make him feel a little better…

But after lying down just for a bit, Tie Bu Tian suddenly remembered something and sat back up. His brows came together, and, after thinking for a long while, he said, “Send someone to see If Bao Kuang Lei and Miss Wu Qian Qian of Beyond the Heavens Sect went to sleep already. If they have not, ask them to come here.”

He had suddenly remembered earlier today Du Shi Qing seem to have referred to Chu Yang as: Expelled disciple of Beyond the Heavens Sect!

The two words ‘expelled disciple’ baffled Tie Bu Tian. A person like that, in any sect, would be a top character; guarded like a treasure and nurtured with every available resource. How could he have been kicked out of the sect?

I have had contact with Beyond the Heavens Sect’s Master, Wu Yun Liang, several times. He is definitely not stupid like that. Could there be some hidden secrets behind this? Or perhaps some conspiracy? Or some other reasons?

Lan Xiang hesitated for a moment and politely replied, “Yes.”

At this time, Tie Bu Tian lay down once again. Even when he was lying down, his white cloak still completely cover his body, not showing even a little bit of his figure.

Shortly after, the two people, Bao Kuang Lei and Wu Qian Qian arrived.

After a long time, as he looked at Bao Kuang Lei and Wu Qian Qian leaving, Tie Bu Tian seemed to be contemplating something as he lay back down.

Chu Yang, according to Bao Kuang Lei and Wu Qian Qian’s words, was not the same person as Chu Yang according to Du Shi Qing’s words! As for the expelled disciple story, the two did not know the whole story. They only received news from the sect that Chu Yang killed his eldest martial brother, and thus violated the laws of Beyond the Heavens Sect. The fact that he was not killed on the spot was extremely lenient!

Tie Bu Tian frowned slightly. A very long time after, he muttered something unclear, “This Chu Yang is extremely interesting.” His voice was so low that, besides himself, no one else would have been able to hear it.


After Chu Yang entered the citadel, he immediately changed his face a bit. He walked straight and then suddenly turned into a narrow alley. After that, he took two more turns. When he came back out, his appearance was that of a completely different person. He was about thirty years old with a mean face and a slight hunched back.

Every step was perfectly imitated; he was just like a real hunchback.

It was not that he did not want to be found by Tie Bu Tian’s people; he just wanted to accumulate some capital before they find him. After all, if he wanted to fortify his status, he needed power and money!

Therefore, Chu Yang decided if he was going to do this task he would do it well! In broad daylight, he initiated his money-making tactics! But his ‘tactics’ were a little unscrupulous…

The reason why Diwu Qing Rou wanted Iron Cloud Nation so much was because Iron Cloud had countless iron mines! Plus, most of them were fine iron mines! This was also why Iron Cloud Nation could afford to be so extravagant, even arrows of ordinary soldiers were half made of fine steel.

It should be noted that even though Great Zhao was rich, but their soldiers’ arrows only had fine steel tips and the rest was wood.

Moreover, Iron Cloud Nation was bordering the grassland, belonging to the north. The people were sturdy, strong fighters. If they did not take over Iron Cloud Nation first, Great Zhao Nation, regardless of which direction they sent their military, would remain uneasy because of this thorn in their sight.

After exiting a narrow alley, Chu Yang immediately ran into a fat man walking by.

This guy had a fat face, big ears and womanizing eyes that glared here and there. His clothes were not too fancy, and his walk was somewhat cumbersome. It seemed that he was not some powerful character that would be difficult to deal with. Plus, beside gazing at the young ladies and women, he avoided others; he was the cowardly type that was afraid of trouble…

Step by step, Chu Yang walked like a vicious demon, and grabbed his sleeve. Then he immediately turned back into that narrow alley, pulling that fat man with him.

Chu Yang’s action was really fast. As a result it looked like a figure just flashed by and that disgusting fat man disappeared from sight…

That fat man was caught off guard so his whole body shook and did not even dare to beg loudly, “Great… great man, I have an old mother and young children, this… this…”

“What this and that!” Chu Yang glared fiercely and yelled, “I will tell you. I am none other than Five Flower Mountain’s Ma Tuo Zi from outside the citadel (TLN: tuo zi means hunchback)! Today I entered the citadel with the intention of doing some business. I liked the way you look so I wanted to show you a way to make a fortune!”

“Five Flower Mountain… Ma Tuo Zi?” The fat man shook as he looked at Chu Yang’s ‘hunched back’; scared almost to the point of fainting. Suddenly, managed to squeeze out one phrase by some mysterious force, “Great… great man, my lord, there is no Five Flower Mountain outside of this citadel…”

“Bop!” Chu Yang slapped him and said, “You don’t need to worry whether there is Five Flower Mountain or not. I only have one question for you. Do you want to die or do you want to live?

“Live, of course I want to live. My lord, please spare me.” The fat man answered most fluidly.

“Quickly, tell me about Iron Cloud Citadel.” Chu Yang said cruelly, “Tell me everything. If you leave out any details, I will use your fat for my lamp!” After he finished talking, he clasped his hands together. The sound of his joints cracking immediately rang out; that combined with his ferocious gaze really scared the man witless.

Of course, he needed to have a clear picture of Iron Cloud Citadel.

The fat man’s body became mush as he sat paralyzed on the ground. On his face, tears and snot ran down. At first, his pants was just wet. Afterwards, there was a stream along with a stinky smell…

An hour passed, and Chu Yang quickly stepped out of the narrow alley with his hand on his nose. He went a distance away before taking in big breaths of the clean air.

Oh, mother. I almost died of suffocation. That was really stinky.

Later in the conversation, that fat man, perhaps because of great fear, started having gastrointestinal issues and farted nonstop while talking and shaking. This made Chu Yang really annoyed!

Even though this fat man was not exactly educated, he was indeed familiar with Iron Cloud Citadel!

From south to north, from east to west, he gave Chu Yang a very detailed introduction. Even if it was down an alley way, whose daughter was particularly voluptuous, which lady was truly beautiful, whose maid was really flirty… All told in great details.

“That girl’s skin is white as ivory, the body has beautiful curves in front and back, that b* has seductive almond eyes…”

Which house has lots of money, which house has lots of power… Divided the citadel into clear areas, where the business districts were inside the citadel, where the mines were outside the citadel…

Which house should not be messed with, which house should be avoided, etc.

Hearing everything made Chu Yang dizzy. Finally, following the fat man’s direction, he went out to buy a map.

The moment he was a good distance away, that fat man shakily stood up on his two fat legs. Like a weak willow in the wind, he leaned on the wall. After that, with dripping pants, he ran. Wherever he went, he emitted the smell of a public toilet, making everyone hold their nose and look in surprise…

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  2. It scene with fat guy was totally unnecessary. Author could choose more graceful method to find info, than this. And this is hardly funny, unless you are 3 y.o. or person without any empathy. This fatty did nothing wrong to deserve such treatment, he is just ordinary person.


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