After hearing Tie Long Cheng’s explanation, the young lady’s gaze became as sharp as a sword while she stared straight at Chu Yang.

Tie Long Cheng took a deep breath and said, “When I heard the three words Heavenly Armament Pavilion, the first thing I thought of was all the people who died in the wars, leaving their corpses in the battlefields! Do you know how many people died in anguish right in front of me? They were all Iron Cloud’s heroes!”

Chu Yang finally understood why this high ranking guest came here himself and why he gave the order to block off Heavenly Armament Pavilion. So my actions had accidentally reopened his old wounds!

Even though Tie Long Cheng’s appearance seemed relatively calm, but Chu Yang could feel that this famed general was filled with sorrow and anguish!

Chu Yang knew that Iron Cloud was in desperate need of blacksmiths. Many weapons were bought from Limitless Nation at cutthroat prices. However, he did not expect that all of this had to do with a most inhumane scheme!

“General Tie’s insight is indeed sharp!” Chu Yang smiled.

“In that case, are you admitting that you are a spy sent to Diwu Qing Rou?”

“Admit?” Chu Yang smiled, “If I was really working for Diwu Qing Rou, why would I use such an open method to spy?”

Tie Long Cheng eyes fixed on Chu Yang, then he said coldly, “Whatever that’s done, must have its own reasons.”

“I dislike Diwu Qing Rou; is that reason enough?” Chu Yang smiled. Suddenly, his body flashed and he was at the main door. With incredible speed, he charged at one of the guards in the group. He attacked without any warning. A second ago, he was talking and smiling with Tie Long Cheng, and in the blink of an eye, his fist had almost connected with that guard’s throat.

That person turned his body in shock as the other three pulled out their swords. The three sword points were like venomous vipers springing at Chu Yang’s direction.

All four were experts, and worked in concert with each other. When one of them was attacked, the other three attacked back at the same time!

Chu Yang laughed as his arm suddenly sprung out. His hand, without an inch of steel, went straight for the shining blades.

BAM… BAM… BAM… The three sounds rang out. All the witnesses could not believe what had just happened in front of their eyes.

After Chu Yang’s hand touched the guards’ swords, their swords that had killed countless enemies immediately got chopped in two!

When the guards saw Chu Yang was using his empty hand to fight with their swords, their eyes showed a trace of cruelty. They were sure that Chu Yang’s hand would become minced meat. They never expected that upon contact, their swords were actually what got chopped up!

No one there thought that such a thing would occur. At that moment, everyone could not help but freeze in shock. Chu Yang’s hand stopped right at the throat of the guard from earlier. Very gently, Chu Yang lightly pinched the man’s Adam apple.

In a flash, Chu Yang was back in front of Tie Long Cheng.

The four Revered Martial Artist masters looked at Chu Yang with terror in their eyes! A person’s hand went against their extremely sharp swords, and scarily enough, their swords were chopped!

Is he even human?

Especially shocked was the guard who was pinched by Chu Yang; his body had become ice cold. If his opponent had used a little more force, his Adam’s apple would have been crushed.

Tie Long Cheng called Chu Yang a spy, and Chu Yang could not prove his innocence! With such a situation, the best and most effective explanation was force!

“There is also another reason; it is so I could easily assassinate you! Is that enough reason? There is also…” Chu Yang smiled and picked up a fragment of one of the broken swords on the ground. He then used his own sword to shave it like a carrot, “This is divine weapon. Is this enough?”

All of a sudden, everyone looked at Chu Yang with surprise in their eyes.

“Assassinate me, hahaha… that easily? To kill me, you alone are not enough. You certainly are confident in your abilities, but in this world, there are some things where just confidence is not enough. Of course, you not liking Diwu Qing Rou is reason enough for me.” Tie Long Cheng used his hawk eyes to look at Chu Yang for a while and suddenly smiled, “The other two reasons are not important!”

After a pause, he continued, “Good kid!”

When Chu Yang showed such monstrous force, he was surprised, but it did not scare him. Tie Long Cheng knew that if Chu Yang wanted to attack him, he would not have been so gentle.

Chu Yang actions just now was done using borrowed power from Nine Tribulations Sword. By bringing Nine Tribulations Sword’s tip to his hand, he could not fail! The moment his hand came into contact with the guards’ swords, their essence was absorbed by Nine Tribulations Sword!

So what Chu Yang touched was essentially tiny scraps of metal!

Otherwise, Chu Yang would not have been able to cut these swords like they were mud even if he used swords forged from fine iron. The four guards’ swords were definitely not ordinary items! They might not be divine weapons, but their quality exceeded that of ordinary swords by far.

So, naturally, Tie Long Cheng’s people were shocked!

“I want to know your true motive!” Tie Long Cheng said with great gravity!

“True motive…” Chu Yang mulled over it for a while, “Diwu Qing Rou and I really don’t have any blood debts. But I just don’t want him to win this war. And I definitely do not want him to achieve his goal of unifying all under the heavens.”

Because of Tie Long Cheng’s blockade, Chu Yang did not have a chance to meet with Tie Bu Tian. But Tie Long Cheng came here, himself. Even though he said he was blockading Chu Yang’s house, he also gave Chu Yang an opportunity in coming here.

Chu Yang already demonstrated his power; he also showed off his wealth. The only thing that was left now was to show off his wisdom. Because looking at Tie Long Cheng’s reaction was, in a way, looking at Tie Bu Tian’s reaction.

“I believe no one here wants Diwu Qing Rou’s goals to be achieved!” Tie Long Cheng smiled faintly. Chu Yang’s demonstration of power seemed to have put Tie Long Cheng at ease somewhat.

Chu Yang smiled and said, “Currently, all of Iron Cloud want to defeat Diwu Qing Rou, but based on all aspects, this is a delusion. You absolutely do not have the ability to succeed!”

“Based on what?” This time, the young lady spoke. Tie Long Cheng smiled coldly and remained quiet. He was just sharp and ferocious a moment ago, but now he seemed to keeping everything in check.

“First, Diwu Qing Rou is powerful with Great Zhao’s military power of about six million soldiers! Famed generals ranking from second to seventh are all from Great Zhao. Each one an out of this world talent. On the other hand, Iron Cloud only has only two famed generals ranking first and tenth. We all know this ranking is not just for show. Each person in these positions has been through countless life and death situations! Each famed general has bathed his blade with the blood of no less than hundreds of thousands of lives!”

Chu Yang quickly brought out his knowledge from his past life, “Second, even though Great Zhao has an emperor in name, the truth is all the power is in Diwu Qing Rou’s hands! Moreover, Diwu Qing Rou’s spy network surpasses that of Iron Cloud by far! Even though the Golden Horse Riders Department never showed itself, within it there is a large number of talents. What’s more is there are elite fighters. Their number is about eight thousand!”

This piece of information was like lightning to Tie Long Cheng and the young lady!

“Golden Horse Riders Department? You also know about Golden Horse Riders Department?” Tie Long Cheng’s thick eyebrows came together as he waved a signal with his hand. His countenance was extremely guarded.

The soldiers outside immediately moved back by more than a hundred feet. The whole street was silent. Besides the body guards, there was not a shadow within the hundred feet radius. There was suddenly some swooshing sounds on the roof as countless masters quickly appeared, bringing the entire room under tight security.

Heavenly Armament Pavilion was now under such tight security that even a mosquito would not be able to pass. It was enough to show the importance of such information to Tie Long Cheng.

However, it was strange that the young lady, who clearly had no business with such important national matter, was not sent away by Tie Long Cheng. In fact, it seemed as if he approved of her presence.

Chu Yang’s eyes lit up as he thought to himself: It seems this young lady’s position is not so simple. My previous guess that she was just someone of royal blood is not quite accurate. This young lady is either a princess or the king’s favorite wife…

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