“Regret? I, Tie Long Cheng, never regret. Death in the battlefield is the destiny of soldiers!” Tie Long Cheng’s eyes never moved, as if he was staring into nothingness, “I am saddened and sorry for those fates, but I definitely do not regret!”

“Sorry and saddened?” Gu Du Xing smiled coldly, “When you sent those soldiers and placed them into their place of death, were you saddened and sorry? I know that their commanding officers were in the wrong and were not loyal to you, but the soldiers were blameless! Couldn’t you have chosen another method to preserve the lives of the soldiers?”

Gu Du Xing really was not able to imagine that there could be such a thing in this world! The better the person, the more loyal the person, the more likely they were to become sacrificed, the more easily they were to be tossed aside!

What sort of sh*tty principle is this?

Such ridiculous moves were actually made by the leaders of two superpowers! Two representative for two large nations who should take care of their own people turned out to be two cruel executioners. They single-handedly sent millions of young men to their deaths!

“If I did not do that, how could I have won Diwu Qing Rou’s trust? With all the dead soldiers, I am saddened but I have no regrets!” Tie Long Cheng coldly said, “They died, but the lives of six hundred million people of Iron Cloud are protected! Without their deaths, Iron Cloud would have already become a territory of Great Zhao eight years ago! At that time, all of the men and women of Iron Cloud Nation would have become slaves for people to abuse, for people to bully!”

“I, Tie Long Cheng, did a despicable thing, but I do not regret it! Even if history books will someday write out the truth about these past eight years. Even if I, Tie Long Cheng, am to become an eternal sinner, I have no regrets! If these things were repeated, I would also choose the same path.”

“If I, Tie Long Cheng, had surrendered and let Great Zhao attack, my own losses would not be that great. In Iron Cloud, I am a prince and also a grand marshal. If Great Zhao takes over, I would at least be a royal or a royal court official. I will never be a person for people to step on, even Diwu Qing Rou would not dare!”

“So what if I am scorned?” Tie Long Cheng smiled, “Even infamy has to be bore by someone. To protect Iron Cloud is reason enough to take on this infamy.”

“But infamy is not easy to bear.” Chu Yang snorted and said, “You two cooperated closely like this, used each other to this level, you did not forget to place spies within enemy’s ranks, right?”

Tie Long Cheng’s body suddenly became stiff. His eyes shot out two sharp bolts of lightning in Chu Yang’s direction and remained quiet after that.

“Eight years! Eight years of fighting have caused both sides to suffer great damages. Naturally, there would be a high turnover. And these spies could use each victory to advance in position! Those times are the best for placing spies! I don’t believe Grand Marshal Tie did not do that!”

Tie Long Cheng countenance became cold as he stood still.

“I am also sure that Diwu Qing Rou already have people well-placed in Iron Cloud. Moreover, even though you are capable of strategizing, understanding tactics, recognizing battle plans, fighting for your country’s interest, looking at the big picture… But you are not like Diwu Qing Rou. You are not a master conspirator and politician like him. Therefore, I especially believe in this…”

Chu Yang smiled. His words made Tie Long Cheng’s whole body turn cold.

“… If you were able to place ten spies in Great Zhao, Diwu Qing Rou’s spies in Iron Cloud would be no less than a hundred! A difference of ten times!”

He paused and said, “I am referring to the army, Grand Marshal!”

Tie Long Cheng quietly let out a sigh.

“Therefore, at first glance it might seem like Iron Cloud is currently stable and fortified. But if Diwu Qing Rou really starts war, then Iron Cloud will be no different from eight years ago, unable to take a beating!” As Chu Yang went on, he became more critical, “You don’t really believe Diwu Qing Rou would allow you to turn Iron Cloud into an unbreakable block of iron, do you? If you truly believe this, you are not worthy of this number one general position!”

Tie Long Cheng let out a strange laugh and said with heartfelt praise, “That’s right! Very well said!”

He then suddenly became pensive and asked, “These things you just said, do you have a secret spy network or did you see through everything on your own? Did you really figure this out?”

As these words came out of Tie Long Cheng’s mouth, the eyes of the young lady, who have been standing quietly on the side, suddenly brightened. Her body turned in Chu Yang’s direction as her gaze seemed to show a sense of great urgency.

Tie Long Cheng’s tone was very cautious as he asked this question.

It was because this question was of great importance. If Chu Yang had such a network of spies that was capable of getting information that he could not, then it would certainly be a big help! With this powerful spying force alone, Chu Yang would be qualified to work with Iron Cloud!

Work with, not work for!

However, if Chu Yang did not have any spy network and he was able to extrapolate these things from a few little clues, then it was even more terrifying! This proved that this youth in front of them had intelligence that was absolutely not inferior to Diwu Qing Rou’s!

Even a fraction more!

This is an exceptional talent! One person who can bring glory to the state; one person who can determine the fate of the nation! This saying was meant for such a person!

Chu Yang was silent for a moment, then he said, “I don’t have such a powerful intelligence gathering force.”

Tie Long Cheng and the young lady simultaneously changed color with shock. Since the beginning they were acting casual. Even when Chu Yang told them about the plots and massive strength of Diwu Qing Rou, their gazes only flashed a little emotion. But after hearing these words, their countenance immediately changed.

All of these things came from this young man’s wisdom?

“I did not figure these things out.” Chu Yang added. He knew Tie Long Cheng’s thoughts when he asked such a question. He also knew that there were great advantages to simply letting the man misunderstand.

However, Chu Yang had to let this chance go.

Because if the other person truly misunderstood, after they cooperate, Chu Yang would surely be asked for input on many issues. Even though he would have many privileges beyond his desire at that time, one erroneous judgment would directly cause millions of soldiers’ lives!

Such a thing would have a direct effect on the war between the two nations! Once a mistake is made, even he could not have any means to turn the situation around! And everything would happen as it did in the previous life, unchangeable!

If Chu Yang really had such deductive skills, he would, naturally, not avoid this. However, he was just using the memories of his previous life; he never had such fine observation skills. This, he knew.

This was the reason he let the opportunity go, but he also did not explain clearly and only gave Tie Long Cheng vague hints to let him think: This person is surely an exceptional talent! (TLN: Make them think I am a talent, but don’t admit it.)

Tie Long Cheng thought for a little. When he looked up and still didn’t hear Chu Yang say anything else, he immediately knew that since they were not cooperating, Chu Yang obviously wanted to keep secrets to himself and would not give comprehensive details. So now was the time to negotiate.

But Tie Long Cheng did not because he had other plans.

He turned and looked at Chu Yang, “You have said this much. What do you want? Everything you said were undisclosed secrets of Diwu Qing Rou. Regardless of how you knew all this, based on that alone, you are of great value. You don’t like Diwu Qing Rou. I believe you. So you came to Iron Cloud with what motive?”

“What I want is, in fact, very clear.” Chu Yang smiled, “You cannot see it?”

Tie Long Cheng also smiled, “Yes, whatever you want to do is no business of mine. The person you want to find is Prince Tie Bu Tian, not me.”

The moment he said the words “Tie Bu Tian”, Tie Long Cheng did not even blink and only looked straight ahead at Chu Yang. But there was something unusual in his voice.

“I did not want to find you, but you brought yourself here.” Chu Yang snorted and said angrily, “And you blockaded my Heavenly Armament Pavilion!”

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