With sorrow on his face, he said, “In addition, little miss is really close to second young master and doesn’t get along with eldest young master. There is great contention between second young master and eldest young master. Currently, in the family, the eldest young master is most popular; he has the support of most of the clan elders… It would not be unexpected if eldest young master inherits the position of master of the clan. If little miss… Ah, the consequences would be disastrous!”

Chu Yang nodded and sneered. This was why Mo Qing Wu did not return home in the previous life. There were surely other hidden circumstances as well…!

For these family clans, there was no such thing as love. Mo Qing Wu always hung around her second brother so her Three Yin Meridian indirectly created an advantage for her second brother. How could the eldest young master not hold a grudge?

What happened to Qing Wu today was surely just what the eldest young master would want. Why would he want to help this little sister? If he comes into power, Mo Qing Wu would surely not be able live peacefully like before.

“The name of the Mo family clan’s third young master is Mo Tian Xing?” Chu Yang raised his brows as he thought. This name felt familiar; he could not help but ask, “Then what is the name of the eldest young master?”

When Chu Yang was asking these two questions, Chu Yang felt his heart pounding violently.

“Mo Tian Yun.” The man in black exhaled, “He was the second son, but is now the eldest son. He is also the one most likely to succeed as the master of the family clan.”

“And the second young master?” Chu Yang asked hastily.

“The second young master is Mo Tian Ji. In the family, eldest young master is the bravest and fiercest, and second young master is very resourceful. This is acknowledged by everyone; how could you not know?” The man in black gave Chu Yang a strange look. It seemed that he was a little surprised by Chu Yang’s questions. You knew about Mo Qing Wu, so why don’t you know about Mo Tian Yun and Mo Tian Ji?

“Mo Tian Ji? Mo Tian Ji!” Chu Yang shuddered and muttered again, “Mo… Tian… Ji…”

Good friend in the previous life, young master of the Mo family clan, and also the person who planned the ambush that sent me to my death in Upper Three Heavens… This person that caused my violent death is Qing Wu’s brother!

Chu Yang couldn’t help but sneer icily, “Someone who easily fell into the traps of others is still considered resourceful?”

“Ahem… The temptation of the remains of a Monarch level master was…”

“Little brother, what is your name?” The man in black suddenly smacked his forehead and asked, “I am sorry. I am Mo Cheng Yu.”

“I am Chu Yang.” Chu Yang’s state of mind had yet to recover; it was still in shock from the three words: Mo Tian Ji.

Why did Mo Tian Ji end up plotting against me? Chu Yang still did not understand. In the previous life, the two drank together all the time. They had many heart to hearts and used to talk late into the night.

Mo Tian Ji clearly had many chances to kill me, but he never revealed the slightest intention. Chu Yang had always felt that Mo Tian Ji enjoyed his company and truly wanted to be his friend.

Moreover, in Middle Three Heavens, Mo Tian Ji helped me in dangerous situations many times.

Therefore, Chu Yang never understood why Mo Tian Ji plotted to kill him. Today, he finally knew the answer; this was his sister Mo Qing Wu.

Revenge! (walkthejianghu.com)

He remembered the last time the two drank together; they were dead drunk and talked about things in heaven and earth… somehow, they ended up talking about the sad things in their lives, the regrets in their hearts.

Memories of the past came rushing back to Chu Yang…

“My biggest regret is my little sister; my favorite sister!” Mo Tian Ji’s body reeked the smell of alcohol as he talked about this; tears ran down his cheeks, “My sister met a heartless man. She threw away everything for him, but he tossed her aside afterward. In the end, she died because of him. When she was still alive, I asked her many times who he was… but she never told me…”

Mo Tian Ji’s tearful eyes were full of killing intentions. He angrily grinded his teeth together, “If I know who he is, I will chop him into ten thousand pieces! Even if he is the son of the lord of Upper Three Heavens, he must die! Even if it will lead to the fall the entire Mo family, I would do it!”

“My greatest regret is not knowing who that man is…” Mo Tian Ji’s head dropped as he cried louder.

Chu Yang was also drunk; he could not help but ask, “What is your little sister’s name?”

“My little sister’s name… I dare not speak it. Just thinking about it is already painful…” Mo Tian Ji smiled bitterly. He lay on the table and muttered, “Little sister… little sister… Why didn’t you wait for the day your big brother becomes master of the family clan…”

Mo Tian Ji awakened Chu Yang’s memory of Mo Qing Wu; his heart became grief-stricken as well… So he brought out everything about him and Mo Qing Wu… that very night.

At that time, Mo Tian Ji stared at him strangely after hearing everything. But he was too immersed in his own memory to notice…

The next day, Mo Tian Ji quietly left without a trace. All he found was the precious sword that Mo Tian Ji valued as much as his life at the doorway, broken in half…

Since then, he did not see Mo Tian Ji again. He was always worried that something unfortunate had happened to Mo Tian Ji, so he searched for him everywhere…

However, after he retrieved the fifth fragment of Nine Tribulations Sword, he ran into the fatal ambush arranged by Mo Tian Ji.

This explains it all; this was it!

He left without saying goodbye. The sword was broken in half… meaning the severing of their friendship. Afterward, he ambushed me to avenge his little sister. Even though I never mentioned the name Mo Qing Wu, but, with his intelligence, Mo Tian Ji was able to guess that I was the one responsible for his little sister’s death.

Chu Yang sighed. He did not know whether to laugh or cry.

At this moment, Mo Qing Wu’s body showed a little movement. She let out a painful moan and slowly opened her eyes. With sluggish movements, she tilted her head and looked around, then she focused on the two people.

Her eyes were clear like water with black glistening pupils. Chu Yang seemed to have had his spirit captured by those eyes…

Mo Qing Wu frowned as if she was in great pain. Seeing Mo Cheng Yu by her side, her lips started to quiver as her yes suddenly filled with tears. She was like a bullied little girl who just saw her family.

“Little miss, you are awake. How is your wound? Does it still hurt?” Mo Cheng Yu asked nonstop as his body slowly moved forward blocking Chu Yang’s view.

“Uncle Cheng Yu…” With eyes full of tears, Mo Qing Wu said pitifully, “It hurts a lot…”

“Good girl, don’t cry, don’t cry. There’s Uncle Chu here, too. Don’t make Uncle Chu laugh at you.” Holding back his sadness, Mo Cheng Yu quickly consoled and added,  “Little miss, it was all thanks to Uncle Chu Yang…”

Chu Yang stood on the side with his mouth gaping. His whole body trembled, and his face lost its color.

Uncle… Chu Yang?

That’s my wife!

Chu Yang was so furious, he was almost foaming at the mouth…

Mo Qing Wu slightly nodded, and raised her hand to wipe her tears. She looked at Chu Yang… her little tiny face reddened a bit. She greeted him and said, “Thank you Uncle Chu Yang. I will never forget your saving my life…”

Chu Yang hurried waved his hand and laughed, “It’s nothing. It’s nothing. *Cough*… *cough*… I am not that much older than you, just call me Brother Chu… Uncle is too old…”

Mo Qing Wu was confused. She turned her little face and looked up at Mo Cheng Yu.

Mo Cheng Yu’s eyes widened, “No. Seniority has to be taken seriously. You must be uncle. Why brother? Absolutely not!”

Chu Yang face looked tortured as he stared at Mo Cheng Yu with anguish. He was furious that he could not drag this guy out that moment and give him a beating. Just a moment ago, he thought this guy was a great man, but now the sight of him filled Chu Yang with anguish.

“Uncle Chu Yang…” The little miss licked her lips and said, “I want to drink water.”

“Uh… oh…” With a discolored face, Chu Yang slowly carried the water over. Aaaahhhh… it seems I will have to be uncle for the next few days.

“Let me.” Mo Cheng Yu said protectively. He grabbed the water from Chu Yang’s hand and carefully held it up for Mo Qing Wu to drink.

“Uncle Cheng Yu, when is my second brother coming?” Mo Qing Wu blink a few times, her face full of grievances, “I want to tell second brother to give those bad people a beating…”

“Ah, second young master… is on his way.” Mo Cheng Yu was somewhat flustered. He did not know whether Mo Tian Ji was still down at the cliff face or perhaps he was also ambushed? He had no way of knowing when Mo Tian Ji would come.

He gently helped Mo Qing Wu lie back down. It seemed her wound was disturbed because Mo Qing Wu cringed. Both Chu Yang and Mo Cheng Yu were distressed.

Mo Cheng Yu held Mo Qing Wu’s little hand tightly. A flow of energy slowly went through her body as he carefully checked her injury… His face immediately changed color. What was tanned had now changed to pale white. His whole body trembled and then went stiff. After that, he spit out a mouthful of blood, and said painfully, “How… how… could this be?”

He discovered trouble with Mo Qing Wu’s Three Yin Meridian…

When Chu Yang was asking, he felt suspicious, but he still had a tiny ray of hope… Now that the bad news was confirmed, he suddenly felt the world was spinning.

“Uncle Cheng Yu… Uncle Cheng Yu… what’s wrong?,” Mo Qing Wu asked in panic.

“I’m fine. That was just a blood clot; I feel much better after spitting it out.” Mo Cheng Yu forced a smile and pretended to be relaxed, “You should get a good sleep; when you wake up, everything will be much better.”

Qing Wu obediently closed her eyes. Then she immediately opened them and said shyly, “Uncle Cheng Yu… with you and Uncle Chu Yang here, I… I can’t sleep…”

Uncle Chu Yang again. Chu Yang looked up at the heavens and sighed. His anguish almost caused an internal injury.

“Why can’t you sleep?” Mo Cheng Yu asked in surprise, “You should feel reassured with your uncle here.”

“It’s because you are… men…” Mo Qing Wu’s innocent eyes opened wide, “Mother said, when a young lady goes to sleep, there must not be a man next to her. They must be sent away…”

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      1. Okay, I don’t want to turn this into a heated debate, but Chu Yang could have figured this out way earlier by thinking about the times he interacted with Mo Tian Ji when he went back in time. He obviously had Mo Tian Ji on his mind for some time, so with his sharp mind, that shouldn’t have been too much trouble. On the other hand, there’s always the “he was definitely too focused on cultivation” excuse. The Bruce Lee thing doesn’t really make sense to me, since Tie Bu Tian’s circumstances are more like imagining Bruce Lee dressing as a woman. Would we suspect he’s actually a guy? (TOTALLY NOT ;D) I definitely agree that the characters should be oblivious in some areas, but this was probably not the best way for the author to pull that off. Whew, that was a long post for a lurker.


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