Chu Yang almost went crazy with anger. He grinded his teeth and pointed straight at Cheng Zi Ang’s face. He screamed, “You… you… you… I told you to go spy on them. I told you to deal with the enemies, and you got spied on instead. You even caused me to walk into their trap! And you still dare to stand here looking so smug!”

“You… you… you…” Chu Yang’s finger trembled, and he looked as if he had trouble breathing, “Do you know how the pig’s grandmother died?”

Cheng Zi Ang was scolded to the point his head was dizzy. When he suddenly heard a question, he unconsciously responded without thinking, “How did it die?”

“From stupidity!!!” Unable to contain his anger, Chu Yang screamed, “With barely any intelligence, you have the gall to come and take credit? And with that smug look on your face, too. Do you feel intelligent? And you were even arrogant enough to laugh at others? Plus… how could you… have such thick skin?!!”

“Hahahaha…” Chen Yu Tong was no longer able to contain himself. He held his stomach and fell to the floor, laughing. Tears and snot were everywhere. He smacked the floor, barely able to breathe; his whole body was convulsing.

I can’t control myself anymore… Even if I were to lose my head, I must laugh.

After his burst of thunderous rage and venting everything, Chu Yang said coldly, “Do you people have anything more to say?”

Chen Yu Tong and Cheng Zi Ang answered dejectedly, “No!”

Chen Yu Tong was a little bit better off. But Cheng Zi Ang was like a cat with its ears chopped off, so shameful, he just wanted to crawl into a hole.

“If there is nothing else why the heck are you people still here? Do you feel like you’re really handsome and want me to find wives for you?!!” Chu Yang slammed into the table and made a sound like thunder. Then he roared, “Hurry and invite the prince here! Do I need to teach you this as well? Did my scolding make you feel really relaxed? Huh?!!”

They suddenly hated their fathers and mothers for giving them only two legs. With a swoosh they disappeared from the main hall without a trace.

In the small room, Wu Qian Qian had a brush in one hand, and the other held onto her stomach as she laughed uncontrollably. Straining to mute herself, she was barely able to breathe, and her shoulders shook.

It was the first time she witnessed Chu Yang so angry. If nothing else, Chu Yang’s anger could cause people to laugh to death.

Of course, the victim of said anger could not laugh.

A little later, Chu Yang came in with a cup of tea. Wu Qian Qian was still dying from laughter with her whole body in a spasm. Chu Yang asked in surprise, “Is it that funny?”

Wu Qian Qian let out the word, “Mother!” Her stomach almost burst from laughter upon hearing this question. A long while after, she finally managed to control her laughter, but her shoulders still shook from time to time.

“Chu Yang… Phew…” Wu Qian Qian tried hard to hold down her laughter, “By scolding at them like that, won’t it create hostility?”

“Absolutely not!” Chu Yang said confidently, “Scolding has to be artfully balanced. They both got scolded; since they are on the same boat, neither one will feel too bad. Plus, they made unforgivable mistakes. If I don’t reprimand them now, they will cause bigger problems in the future.”

Then Chu Yang sighed, somewhat discouraged.

Wu Qian Qian laughed, and said, “Still, you were a little hot-tempered.”

“I had to let it out!” Chu Yang sighed, “Bu Tian Pavilion is currently not in shape to truly fight. To go against Diwu Qing Rou, they are still very lacking. Every little mistake must be immediately corrected. Over time, they will gradually grow strong for it!”

“If I am always gentle with them, I am afraid they will have the same irresponsible attitude when Diwu Qing Rou attacks…” Chu Yang took a deep breath and said, “If I scold them now, they will suffer less losses in the future…”

“You should remember that strong minds and fortified morale of soldiers do not occur naturally. They are a result of fighting and scolding!” Chu Yang said slowly.

With an ‘uh’, Wu Qian Qian became pensive about what Chu Yang had said.

Not long after, the sound of many horse hooves became louder and louder; it stopped in front of Bu Tian Pavilion. Tie Bu Tian strode in, wearing a white cloak. In his white royal attire, he was radiant, but his face was icy and his gaze was electrifying!

Behind him were two men.

Chu Yang smiled and walked out to greet him. Suddenly, his eyes perked up. He felt that those two people were not ordinary…

They were walking behind Tie Bu Tian in broad daylight but Chu Yang still got a hazy feeling. It was as if they were two shadows rather than two living beings.

When the two men walked, one would step forward with his left leg and the other one with his right; it was chaotic at first glance, but it was in perfect harmony. One would complement the other. Moreover, when the two stood in place, it gave people the feeling that the two people were one!

Their walking seemed very slow. But upon careful observation, each step was a few yards, equivalent to seven or eight steps of an ordinary person.

They were not walking, but drifting?

And like that, the two stayed close to Tie Bu Tian. Chu Yang suddenly felt as if there was a fortified metal wall around Tie Bu Tian, a needle could not sneak through nor could water penetrate!

While Chu Yang was observing them, they were quietly judging him. At this moment, Chu Yang felt a chill over his entire body; he suddenly became anxious and the hair on his back stood on end. This kind of feeling… was like being haunted by demons, countless demons!

Chu Yang finally had to move his gaze, but he thought to himself: Those two people… geez… not simple at all! Really not simple at all!

Could it be they are the last card up Tie Bu Tian’s sleeve? Are they the greatest obstacle in Diwu Qing Rou’s plan to assassinate Tie Bu Tian?

He was still deep in thought when Tie Bu Tian came up to him and asked hastily, “Minister Chu, you captured that guy?”

In excitement, Tie Bu Tian had come up right next to him, almost leaning on him. Chu Yang instinctively sensed a sweet fragrance, and could not help but frown. His face showed a strange expression.

Tie Bu Tian seemed to realize this and quietly took half a step back.

“Got him!” Chu Yang rolled his eyes, “I almost lost my life today! This guy did not reveal his true self. He is actually a ninth grade Revered Martial Artist… Truly powerful!”

Tie Bu Tian’s countenance became composed for a while, then he asked, “What is the death count for Bu Tian Pavilion?”

When he heard that the enemy was so powerful, he immediately assumed that Bu Tian Pavilion suffered serious damage.

“No casualties. Koff koff… I used poison!” Chu Yang coughed dryly twice and added in a low voice.

The moment these words left Chu Yang’s mouth, those two abnormal shadows watching Chu Yang suddenly viewed him with contempt. Such disdainful looks could have been easily perceived by anyone.

Chu Yang was bothered; he looked up at those two people and said, “Do you two seniors think that treating a high level master like that… using poison is desecrating the way of martial arts?”

The two did not answer; there were only four eyes icily glaring at Chu Yang.

“Amongst us, no one was his opponent. And yet, we carried on our shoulders six hundred million people of Iron Cloud. To fight fairly would have been putting food in a lion’s mouth. We were definitely not his opponent! If I did not use poison then there would be total unrest in Iron Cloud Citadel! Not using poison… do I have that luxury?” Chu Yang spoke slowly.

Their eyes showed a look of pensiveness, and their contempt gradually reduced to less than half of what it was before.

“I said these words not to explain myself to you two, but I want you to understand…” Chu Yang’s gaze was sharp as a saber as he slowly continued, “You two are guarding the prince. And the enemies have layer upon layers of tactics. If you two still hold on to that lofty martial arts ideal, the enemies will definitely succeed using unscrupulous means. Then in the future you will be sinners who caused the prince’s death!”

“You two will have to take responsibility! Complete responsibility!”

Chu Yang’s words carried clear implications. His cultivation was not high, but his mind was extremely powerful. He carried with him his past life’s mentality, and there was Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique to boot. His mind was at the level of a fourth or fifth grade Revered Martial Artist, but in front of these two, he was completely suppressed!

Mind and aura were suppressed in all aspects!

Then these two must be King level masters! High grade ones at that!

With these two next to him plus other martial masters to assist, Tie Bu Tian was as solid as Mount Tai! In all of Lower Three Heavens, anyone who tried to assassinate Tie Bu Tian would not have the power to cause him any injuries!

If Diwu Qing Rou’s underlings, the four King level masters of Golden Horse Riders Department, were to try to kill Tie Bu Tian all at once, he could still be unharmed! These two might not be able to fight, but they could easily take Tie Bu Tian and run!

However, Tie Bu Tian was assassinated in the previous life! So the most likely explanation was that the enemies tricked these two people. From the contemptuous look they gave him, Chu Yang knew that they were very traditional martial artists! This was their greatest weakness, and also the greatest weakness in Tie Bu Tian’s circle of protection!

These kind of people will, of course, never be able to deal with the enemies’ complex schemes! If I can see this, then how could Diwu Qing Rou not see this? Moreover, that person is famous for using any means necessary to achieve his goals!

Chu Yang felt that he needed to remind them of this. Because events from the past had been changed, so who knew if Diwu Qing Rou would act even earlier than before?

“You did not do too badly!” The master on the left suddenly said. The voice was dry, as if in his entire life he normally did not talk, “But we will never do that!”

After he finished, he closed his mouth; he closed his mouth really tightly!

Tie Bu Tian was really surprised and turned around to look. Ever since he could remember, he never saw these two shadow people say so many words to other people. They did not even bother with Second Uncle Tie Long Cheng. He certainly did not expect them to talk to Chu Yang today, much less praise him.

Even odder was that they showed a hint of apologizing and admitting their mistake.

This was really strange!

Chu Yang nodded, but thought to himself: With the mentality of you two, inverting fate will not be easy. I have to do a little more myself…

“Where is that person? Bring me to him! I want to talk to him myself!” Tie Bu Tian’s face was frosty. The entirety of Iron Cloud Citadel was deceived by this fraud for a decade! And even Tie Bu Tian was one of them!

For Tie Bu Tian, this was one of the greatest insults!

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