“This… koff koff koff…” Chen Yu Tong was soaking in sweat. Such a quantity was truly too little… It was because Heavenly Secrets Hall had been very busy lately. When Chu Yang gave him this assignment, Chen Yu Tong had thought that this was not an important thing, and that he only needed to put a few things together. So he currently did not know what to say right now…

“This time, before Heavenly Secrets Hall and Fierce Blood Hall start your mission, I want your report on everyone’s skill level.” Chu Yang said casually, “Once your mission is over, I want everyone in Heavenly Secrets Hall to advance by one grade. If there is one person who does not advance… hmm… Hall Leader Chen, I will gather the entire Bu Tian Pavilion to watch you dance naked on top of the celebratory table…”

“Aaah!!” Suddenly blindsided, Chen Yu Tong screamed in terror, “Minister, no… Minister…”

“It’s decided; you can go.” Chu Yang did not give him a chance to talk and just decided immediately. Then he turned to Wu Qian Qian and said, “Put the news out, we will watch Hall Leader Chen dance in half a month!”

Wu Qian Qian held back her laughter and obediently walked out.

“Hey, Miss Wu, Great Aunt Wu…” Chen Yu Tong anxiously sweated, “Minister Chu, Grandfather Chu… You can’t be that cruel… I… I… How can I control this?”

“Go now!” Chu Yang’s eyes remained on the pile of documents in front of him as he said calmly… Wu Qian Qian quickly ran out.

“Minister Chu… oh… oh…” Chen Yu Tong really cried. How could he decide when the others would advance?

“I believe in you; you can do it!” Chu Yang said confidently; then he glared, “If you say one more word, I will watch you dance now!”

“…” Chen Yu Tong had to swallow down the begging that was about to leave his mouth. His eyes were full of lamentation like a long widowed woman who just fell for a eunuch. He looked at Chu Yang with a gaping mouth and finally hung his head in submission…

A little later, there was a thud in the yard. Of course, everyone had heard the news.

When Chen Yu Tong walked out with his sullen face, everyone in Heavenly Secrets Hall shuddered with the anticipation of an upcoming storm…

“From now on, everyone in Heavenly Secrets Hall must train ten times harder! In half a month, if anyone does not breakthrough… I will lose face and all of you, no matter who, can never hope to live in peace!” Chen Yu Tong grinded his teeth as if he was going mad.

“Ah… How can this be…” At that time, there was wailing amongst Heavenly Secrets Hall; everyone acted as is their parents were dying. Cheng Zi Ang, the leader of Fierce Blood Hall, had his arms folded across his chest laughing at the scene.

Cheng Zi Ang looked at his underlings, and worked hard to show a look of curiosity, “Um, you guys tell me, is Hall Leader Chen’s butt white?”

“Is that a question? It’s definitely white…”

“Not necessarily; Hall Leader Chen’s face is really dark…”

“Wait… doesn’t Hall Leader understand? A face is a face… A butt is a butt… These two are not the same…”

“So you’re saying that Hall Leader Chen is not a butt?” Cheng Zi Ang mimicked a look of deep thought…

“Hall Leader is truly talented, you came up with such a profound question…”

“No, no, hahaha…”

“I wonder if Hall Leader Chen’s butt has hemorrhoids…” Cheng Zi Ang rubbed his chin dreamily…

“Haha…” The Fierce Blood assassins next to him held onto their bellies laughing.

Chen Yu Tong was boiling with anger; he brought a group of spies from Heavenly Secrets Hall and left like he heard his mother just died… Almost immediately after, there was howling and wailing from the training yard of Heavenly Secrets Hall…

The door to the great hall suddenly opened, a cold hideous mask appeared.

All the laughter immediately went silent.

“You are really enjoying yourself, Hall Leader Cheng.” The especially deep voice of King of Hell Chu rang out.

“A… No… We’re not enjoying ourselves…” Cheng Zi Ang was tongue-tied and hastily denied it. He was regretting it; I was too happy, and, now King of Hell Chu has suddenly come out here. I should be on guard from now on.

“Umm, if you don’t do this mission well, hmm, before I give the order to pull in the net, and you guys get exposed or leak information…” King of Hell Chu said darkly, “I also want to see Hall Leader Cheng fart on stage for everyone to watch… At that time, I will definitely invite the prince to enjoy it as well!”

After he finished, King of Hell Chu grunted icily, swung his sleeves, and arrogantly walked back in.

Cheng Zi Ang was temporarily stunned; he was so miserable, he could not even cry out any tears…

People said too much happiness would become sadness; but it could not be this bad…

Very soon after, Cheng Zi Ang’s ferocious roar was hear in the yard, “You all heard, right? Are you satisfied? Aaah!! You bastards brought me such a big calamity! Well, if you don’t do your jobs well, I will skin each one of you!”

The assassins, with their heads down, cursed silently. Motherf*, we brought it? Some bastard was laughing the loudest earlier…

Chu Yang entered the room and carefully looked at Tang Xin Sheng’s handwriting. Wu Qian Qian also ran over to analyze it with him.

“Such a handwriting is hard to imitate!” Chu Yang frowned. Tang Xin Sheng’s brushstrokes were especially disciplined. While they were not in the ranks of anything famous, they were quite good. But they were not easy to imitate. Plus, within his brushstrokes, there was an elegant air. This was a style that was unique to Tang Xin Sheng only.

“You want to imitate Tang Xin Sheng’s brushstrokes to write a letter to Diwu Qing Rou?” Wu Qian Qian asked in shock. She found Chu Yang’s unimaginable plan hard to believe.

“Yes!” Chu Yang looked carefully. The more he looked the harder it became for him to imitate. Not that it was very hard, but there was simply no hope in imitating it. He could try to imitate enough to fool ordinary people. But with a famed character like Diwu Qing Rou, it was impossible.

Because Diwu Qing Rou did not just look at the words, but also the character behind them!

“Can you cut them?” Wu Qian Qian said weakly.

“Cut?” Chu Yang’s eyes suddenly brightened. Cutting was not possible but he had another way.

Under Chu Yang’s leadership, the two went through all the documents with Tang Xin Sheng’s brushstrokes and laid them all over the floor. After that, Chu Yang took a piece of paper as thin as a cicada’s wing and placed it on the table.

Looking at the writings on the ground, he smiled. In this letter, there were five words ‘many years ago until now’; in another letter, there were three words ‘could not bear’; and also anther with two words ‘painstaking effort’…

Chu Yang took the thin sheet of paper and placed it on the two words ‘painstaking efforts’, and carefully adjusted it. Then he took a gulp of water, and activated his internal energy to spray out a mist… The mist was carefully controlled to exactly cover only these two words. When the mist disappeared completely, Chu Yang lifted the thin sheet of paper; the two words ‘painstaking effort’ appeared on it.

Wu Qian Qian’s eyes shined. Clapping and smiling, she said, “Wonderful!”

Chu Yang smiled and continued.

“Painstaking efforts of many years try my best!” These words appeared on the thin sheet of paper. After that, Chu Yang took his brush and added…

It looked as if after writing the words ‘painstaking effors of years’ there was a long hesitation of a troubled mind. Then they… were unconsciously written down, showing that troubled mind. It was then followed by ‘try my best’!

“Immediately free the Invisible Falcon so it could bring this note to Diwu Qing Rou.” Looking relieved, Chu Yang carefully analyzed the note many times, then carefully folded it and handed it over to Wu Qian Qian.

Wu Qian Qian watched him do this from beginning to end. With some confusion, she said, “You did not write any explanations; how could you fool Diwu Qing Rou?”

“The less, the better; once Diwu Qing Rou receives this note, then whatever he does will give us some clues. At that time, we can analyze his actions in response to these words to guess what he plans to do. So we can easily make our own plans to deal with him.” Chu Yang continued, “Moreover, someone like Tang Xin Sheng would never send a note that could be easily understood.”

“Anyone looking at a note like this would feel like they have fallen into a fog, but Diwu Qing Rou might not necessarily feel the same way.” Chu Yang smiled mysteriously, “Diwu Qing Rou would definitely feel very sad!”

This is full of mystery… Chu Yang thought proudly.

“Umm… have you found what I need?” Chu Yang asked.

“I found it; what do you want to do? The stench could kill a person…” Wu Qian Qian pinched her nose.

“Of course I will have use for it.” Chu Yang laughed, “Where?”

“Outside the wall. You can get it yourself; that smell… not something you want to run into…” Wu Qian Qian said in disgust. What Chu Yang wanted her to find was a medicine pot. Plus, it had to be the kind from the home of lazy bums who did not wash it…

Wu Qian Qian had to go through great lengths to find it. She even used the power of Heavenly Secrets Hall to obtain one from the home of a slacker…

She found what he asked for, but she still did not understand why Chu Yang made her look for such a disgusting thing like that…

With great effort, he finished the rest of the work in Bu Tian Pavilion. Watching the Invisible Falcon become one with the sky, Chu Yang immediately took the medicine jar that was carefully wrapped, and ran at the greatest speed back to Emerald Flow Lake. During the whole work day, his mind constantly thought about this place.

Mo Qing Wu was there. (walkthejianghu.com)

Chu Yang sighed. His little loli… His head almost exploded when he remembered how Mo Qing Wu sweetly called him ‘Uncle Chu’… Chu Yang hated that he could not curse that old bastard…(TLN: loli was really used)

God, what is this…

With a jumbled mentality, he went back to Emerald Flow Lake. Chu Yang carefully looked in four directions before climbing down to the secret chamber.

The moment he entered, he immediately saw a small figure slowly moving around. Lively eyes, small cute mouth, round face, soft black hair…

Chu Yang was momentarily excited.

“Uncle Chu… You’re here!” When Mo Qing Wu saw Chu Yang, she rushed toward him.

Chu Yang’s mind became dark. His lips twitched as he watched Mo Qing Wu jump toward him. His countenance became pale, and he almost dropped the sticks of candied fruits in his hands.

“Uncle Chu, what’s wrong? Your face looks weird!” Mo Qing Wu looked at him with concern.

“I am fine; has your injury improved?” There was no other choice. Chu Yang had to act like a kind uncle as he knelt down and asked her.

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