“I am much better already. Look, uncle.” Mo Qing Wu blinked her eyes, waved her hands, and kicked her legs. She put on her martial moves and happily said, “See, I am much better!”

“Very good, very good.” Chu Yang kindly smiled and spoke. After that coughed dryly and started his coercion, “Hey, Qing Wu…”

“Call me Mo Xiao Wu.” (TLN: Xiao means little) Mo Qing Wu puffed her cheeks and rolled her eyes, “Uncle Chu is really bad; you can’t even get my name right!”

“…Xiao Wu?” Chu Yang was surprised, “Is Qing Wu your older sister?” Chu Yang was a little confused as he wondered if he was mistaken.

“Hmm, I don’t have an older sister!” Mo Qing Wu rolled her eyes, “Qing Wu is my official name. My parents said I can’t be called Qing Wu until after I turn fifteen. Right now, I am Xiao Wu… Do you understand?”

“This is the same for all girls from great families; don’t you know?” The little loli was being a smarty-pants as she looked cockily at Chu Yang. She was looking down on him a little… he is definitely not too knowledgeable.

“Well, uh… uh…” Chu Yang started to sweat. He was too nervous and forgot all about it. All the daughters of great families are given wonderful names at birth, those names are not used until they become mature.

It was the idea that outsiders would not know of these ladies until they reached maturity. Or when they were old enough to go into Jiang Hu, and were also old enough for the family to find suitable husbands for them.

Of course, this applied only to the special ones. In addition, their husbands would all choose to go over to the brides’ families. As for the lesser females, they already had arranged marriages at birth… and were used as means to strengthen the clans…

Now that Mo Qing Wu’s Three Yin Meridian was damaged, if she returned to the clan… and they verified that she was no longer of value… she would probably become a tool for the clan as well!

Chu Yang looked at the little loli in front of him, just nine and a half years old… his head hurt, and his heart hurt even more.

The current Qing Wu was still naïve and innocent; how could she know about the pain of being born a girl in a great family? If she returned and faced that cruelty… she might just break!

He remembered in the previous life… there was always a slight trace of melancholy on Mo Qing Wu’s face… Chu Yang’s heart suddenly wrenched, and he told himself that he would never let Mo Qing Wu suffer like that again!

“Xiao Wu, will you remain here?” Chu Yang held Mo Qing Wu’s little hand and gently said, “Here we have rivers and mountains; we also have fun people. Whenever I am free, I will bring you out to watch acrobats and magicians. You can eat candied fruits; and I will find a lot of sisters to hang out with you…”

“No!” Mo Qing Wu pouted, “I miss my father; I miss my mother. I want to be with them… There’s also grandpa and grandma as well. Uncle Chu… do you want me to part with my parents?” Little Loli angrily muttered, “Uncle Chu, you are really bad!”

“Oh…” Chu Yang sighed. He thought and thought, but he forgot about the little girl’s love for her parents…

Currently, her mother still saw her as a jewel… this was her happiest time; how could he separate them? Before then, she had such a great qualifications, of course everyone in the clan cared for her a lot…

Qing Wu was still unable to understand that the injury from this outing had caused her to lose that heavenly talent!

“Ok, let’s talk about how we address each other first!” Chu Yang asked, “Xiao Wu, how old is your second elder brother?”

“Twenty-one years old… my second elder brother is very good!” Mo Qing Wu smiled sweetly.

“I am only sixteen, not even seventeen yet; your second elder brother is much older than me!” Chu Yang said, “So you can’t call me uncle. Should your second elder brother call me uncle once he gets here? Wouldn’t that just be a mess? Don’t you think I’m right? Don’t tell me you call your second elder brother uncle. Is there such a thing?”

Chu Yang bit his lower lips; while he could not possibly let Mo Qing Wu call him uncle, if Mo Tian Ji wants to call him uncle… Motherf*! He can call me great ancestor, I would totally agree!

The little girl’s eyes opened wide, “That’s right. You are younger than my second elder brother; how can I call you uncle!”

“Yes!” Chu Yang quickly took advantage of his progress, “So, you shouldn’t call me Uncle Chu, you should call me Brother Chu!”

Mo Qing Wu bit her finger and stared at Chu Yang suspiciously, “But… I still feel as if you have some bad intentions… You surely must have some ulterior motive!”

Chu Yang sweated; how could she see through my dark thoughts? Is this little loli just over nine years old? People have always said that ‘a female’s intuition is powerful’… and yet this little loli’s intuition is not any less powerful!

“How could I have bad intentions?” Chu Yang quickly defended himself. If he allowed this little loli to associate him with ‘bad intentions’ then it would be difficult to change that impression later, “You see, when you and your Uncle Cheng Yu came here, I saved you two immediately, right? Isn’t it true that I brought you to be treated? Plus, I even bought you candied fruits; here!”

Chu Yang quickly handed her the candied fruits; he felt a little ashamed. An act of kindness does not need repayment; an act of kindness does not need repayment, but I am too despicable in asking for repayment like this. And worst of all, from a little loli…

The truth was, the moment he appeared in front of Mo Qing Wu’s eyes, she already honed in on the candied fruits. She was still shy so she did not ask for it. When she heard him say this, she immediately took one and her eyes almost closed like crescent moons, “Brother Chu Yang is so nice!”

Chu Yang’s heart was elated!

The first step was essentially successful. If Mo Qing Wu kept call him Uncle Chu, there would have been no hope… Was there ever a young lady who would choose to marry her uncle?

A big boulder in Chu Yang’s heart was finally lifted. From uncle to brother… Hmm, the sound was very satisfying. Chu Yang had thought that he would have to do a lot more talking. Never did he imagine that one stick of candied fruits could buy success. Aaah… What to say about this?

Hmmm… from now on, any guy who wants to give candied fruits to her, they must go through me. Don’t any other guy even bother dreaming… If it’s a woman, then I will think about it. If it’s a man… forget it…

This loli was too simple and could be fool too easily… this pervert has to… guard against… other perverts…

Within moments, Chu Yang’s mind changed as quickly as lightning… It changed to the extreme. His countenance went from calm, to longing, to cautious, to murderous…

On the side, Mo Qing Wu was eating candied fruits while watching this Brother Chu. Why does Uncle Chu insist on being Brother Chu? This is really strange. Plus, his face is really cute… it could even change color, sometimes white, sometimes black, sometimes pink… When Uncle Cheng Yu is done cultivating, I must let him see. It’s fantastic…

Since Chu Yang was reborn until now, he had always took care of everything calmly. Today was the first time his emotions changed so drastically like this.

The moment the little loli finished one stick of candied fruits, she attacked another. The edge of her mouth was covered with dried sugar, and her face was joyful. Chu Yang’s emotions went wild. He thought to himself if he could wipe off the sugar with his own mouth then…

After a little struggle, he did not dare…

When she was done with the candied fruits, Mo Qing Wu was very well-behaved and went to wash her hands. After a little thought, she stepped in front of the bowl of medicine Chu Yang just brought. Her face became torturous as she looked at Chu Yang with eyes on the verge of tears, “Brother Chu Yang, can I not drink this? It’s really bitter…”

“No!” Chu Yang said seriously, but then he smiled, “If you drink it, I will tell you a fairy tale…”

“You must keep your word!” Mo Qing Wu picked up the bowl of medicine and drank it in on gulp. After that she sat up right on a small chair in front of Chu Yang, with her hands holding up her chin. Her large eyes looked expectantly at Chu Yang, expecting a story.

There was even a little smile on her face.

Chu Yang smacked his forehead; he was fooled… This little loli was born in a great family; even at nine years old, she could definite differentiate medicines. Chu Yang was worried that this bowl of medicine would be difficult to drink so he added honey… It had become no different from a dessert. How could Mo Qing Wu not smell it? She had found this out already. She was only pretending to get a story… If Chu Yang had not promise to tell a story, and said something else, she would have happily drunk it anyway…

“Okay, little monster!” Chu Yang muttered; he thought… at such a young age and she already managed to fool people; I don’t know how she will be when she is older! He search his head for a story… He said it at the moment to cajole Mo Qing Wu; where was he going to find a fairy tale?

Chu Yang thought for a long time…

But did not think of anything…

Mo Qing Wu’s little face gradually grew ugly. After a while, she frowned and looked at Chu Yang suspiciously. She said disappointingly, “Brother Chu Yang has deceived me?”

Her voice was full of distrust.

“How could I deceive you? Even if I deceive the whole world, I would never deceive you!” Chu Yang quickly defended.

“A long time ago…” Chu Yang began…

After a long time… (walkthejianghu.com)

Mo Qing wu’s voice rang out, “This story is not good! Tell another story!”

Chu Yang wiped sweat off his forehead, “Then I will tell another story… Sometime ago at…”

“This is also not good… Next story!”

Chu Yang’s whole body was soaked in sweat; his face was tortured, “It was said that at…”

“Still not good! Tell another…”

Chu Yang’s gaze became sluggish, “In a country…”

“Not good! Tell another…”

Chu Yang felt dizzy, “In the past…”

“Even worse!” The little loli glared, on the verge of anger…

Chu Yang immediately tumbled to the ground and cried, but no tears came out.

Oh god… these days… flirting with girls is too difficult… Can I live anymore… This life cannot possibly get any worse…

“Hahaha…” Mo Cheng Yu had awaken at some point, and could not help but laugh when he saw Chu Yang’s look. He was extremely happy with the other’s suffering.

Help… Chu Yang looked at Mo Cheng Yu, unable to speak.

(TLN: Loli is such an awkward word. Also Chu Yang is such a pedo >_<)

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  1. i have a feeling that he also has trouble with this, tis why hes rejoicing at his missfortune, wonder if he will tell his past lifes story to appease her.

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  3. Putting poor Chu Yang attempts to please loli Qing Wu aside, should Chu Yang enlist the help Mo Tian Ji in battle against Diwu? I meant Mo Tian Ji caused Chu Yang’s death in past due to Qing Wu’s demise, but current time period, has change that, current Mo Tian Ji has no hate for Chu Yang, and Chu Yang himself said Mo Tian Ji is probably one of the most cunning person he met so far. Beside, if Chu Yang want to convince loli Qing Wu to remained here, who better than Mo Tian Ji.


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    …EX: so he dead emotionally broken with regret with an awesome sword and he went back in time to make the sword again and to fix his life and currently he is giving candy to a little girl to make her love him …and trying to fix his magical sword by digging a hole in a lake and he also has the little girl hiding there ….oh and he is trying to fix her before her family takes her back home where she will most likely be used as a human chess piece*_* lol


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            Let’s see, Lolita fashion isn’t trying to dress up like little girls either, it seems to be more along the lines of “cute” and “doll-like” because I know I’ve never seen an actual little girl dressed up in Lolita fashion. Extrapolating from that, Lolita could also mean something like “cute, doll-like girl” and a Lolicon is a guy who would not necessarily like little girls but rather girls who are cute and doll-like.

            I too am over-analyzing, as I do believe those two things seem to be very different things.


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