Yin Wu Fa knew that doing this would could cause great injuries to his body, and, moreover, shock his internal organs. That was something that should never happen! But at this moment, Yin Wu Fa no longer cared about what should or should not happen, or what shock was.

He no longer cared about anything!

Kill… kill… kill! No one has ever insulted me like that! Punk, you must die! To kill you, I am willing to pay any price! The hatred in Yin Wu Fa had risen beyond anyone’s imagination!

But there was not just hatred; there was uncertainty and fear, along with a ray of greed. This punk must be holding some saintly weapon that is beyond what anyone could call a saintly weapon! Otherwise, how could he injure me with his strength?

If I kill him, that saintly weapon would be mine! With my martial power and such a saintly weapon, I would be a tiger with wings!

After a deep breath, Yin Wu Fa flew into the air again and gave chase in Chu Yang’s direction! He currently regretted that he did not carry any throwing weapons.

Even with throwing weapons, I would not let this punk die easily! I want him to die from brutal tortures! No! I want him to be unable to live or die; that would appease the hatred in my heart!

Yin Wu Fa continued to give desperate chase, but was Chu Yang not also running for his life?

Chu Yang ran with all his might. He turned into various streets and alleys, and constantly changed directions. His meridians were in chaos but he did not pay any mind to that.

Almost there, almost there!

Cloud Gate Inn! I only need to get there! I only need to get to Cloud Gate Inn! Only then will my painstaking plans come into effect! Chu Yang felt his heart beating violently as if it was about to jump out of his chest. His two eyes had now become bloodshot red!

Under the threat of death, Chu Yang seemed to have reached extreme speed. He maintained this speed and rushed desperately.

The person chasing me is a King level master! A King level master! F*! F*! F*!

While running, Chu Yang thought: I want to be stronger! I want to be stronger! Aaaah… Aaaah… Aaaah… I must be stronger!

I don’t want to be chased!

I should be the one to give chase! I need to be stronger! Regardless if it is a King level or an Emperor level, no one should be able to chase me!

Under such fierce motivations, Chu Yang’s speed increased once more!

Behind him, a surge of pressure suddenly came down! Chu Yang let out a scream.

His body suddenly changed direction while still maintaining its extreme speed. He quickly made a curve and shot straight ahead.

Thud! (walkthejianghu.com)

Yin Wu Fa landed, and a massive hole appeared on the ground! Dirt shot out in all four directions, and seemed to envelop Chu Yang’s body.

Ten yards, only ten yards and I will be at Cloud Gate Inn! Chu Yang shot forward amongst the busy crowd and threw on a black veil on his head.


Yin Wu Fa got a little closer to Chu Yang; the distance was now only five yards! With Yin Wu Fa’s martial power, he could already cause injuries at this distance!

Yin Wu Fa took a deep breath. On his skinny face, there seemed to appear a bright flash. His right hand pulled back, and quickly pushed outward!

A sharp whistling sound emitted from that palm; there was a trace of white smoke in the air! The palm was done with all his effort!

Chu Yang could only sense the atmosphere thicken with this palm! There was less than five yards to Cloud Gate Inn, but it had become like a heavenly moat! His meridians were completely empty with not a drop of energy left!

At this critical juncture, Nine Tribulations Sword suddenly stirred. The Seven Shades cold energy that it had absorbed at Beyond the Heavens Sect suddenly flooded into Chu Yang’s meridians with the force of a waterfall.

Chu Yang yelled out loud, and turned to shoot out one palm. Then he immediately tilted his body and jumped in the air. While he could not depend on anything in midair, he could use the power of Yin Wu Fa’s palm to propel himself forward! As long as I don’t die, everything will work out well! Chu Yang thought to himself.

I only hope that Sha Pei is already here. He thought about about Chen Yu Tong’s information: Those black outfitted people are currently staying at this inn!

This was the reason why Chu Yang decided to come here today!

Chen Yu Tong, Chen Yu Tong… at this critical moment, your information cannot be wrong! If your information is false, I am done! Chu Yang prayed.

Bang! Two massive powers met in midair.

Chu Yang screamed as he felt a powerful energy rip his own cold energy to pieces. His back felt as if a few thousand pounds of force slammed into it. His vision became blurred, there was a clump in his throat, and his body was shot out far.

Plop! He flew into Cloud Gate Inn!

With such a big commotion on the street, the Hei Mo people in Cloud Gate Inn certainly took notice. Two Revered Martial Artists just came to the door to look when they saw Chu Yang’s body come smashing down.

Caught by complete surprise, and also because Chu Yang was wearing black with his face covered like one of them, the two thought that he was on the same side and reached out to catch him.


All three fell to the ground.

The two Revered Martial Artists immediately became alarmed. If his momentum was capable of sending two of them to the ground, then how powerful was the person that hit him?

The moment he came into contact with these two people, a majority of the impact on Chu Yang’s body was transferred to them. Before he could even stand up, he started yelling, “Leader, run quickly! A powerful enemy is attacking!”

Immediately after, he spat out blood and seemed to crumble to the ground!

When he yelled the word leader, the words “run quickly” that followed seemed to have overpowered it. The others only heard, “Run quickly. A powerful enemy is attacking!”

Everything happened very quickly; Yin Wu Fa was like a devil as he landed. With a glance, he immediately discovered the words: “Cloud Gate Inn.”

He suddenly had an epiphany: Isn’t King of Hell Chu at some Gate?

Could this punk have been telling the truth?

Did he risk his life to alert them? But you are too stupid, kid. Are you alerting them or are you just leading the way for me?

All of a sudden, he heard, “Leader, run quickly! A powerful enemy is attacking!” He could not help but feel happy; all of his frustrations evaporated within moments, and he majestically shouted, “Run? Where can you run? Leave your life here!”

The two fallen men in black immediately jumped up. They just heard Chu Yang’s yell and now they heard Yin Wu Fa’s arrogant words; they became furious, and their hearts were filled with hatred.

The two of them stood and blocked Yin Wu Fa, saying icily, “Who are you? Why…”

“Why, your mother!” Yin Wu Fa was unable to control his anger and said, “Move!”

“Motherf*!” The two Revered Martial Artists were of the Hei Mo clan, and they had always been arrogant. Others had not dared to yell at them. This proved that this guy was an enemy; they cursed in unison and made their move at the same time!

Yin Wu Fa’s eyes brightened; Revered Martial Artists?

Not bad. This must be the place where King of Hell Chu is hiding! I certainly did not expect that he would have two Revered Martial Artists as guards. Yin Wu Fa laughed and immediately started fighting with those two.

The three fought and a powerful wind whistled.

The strength of the two Revered Martial Artists were indeed impressive, but they were absolutely no match for Yin Wu Fa. The fight had just started, and they were instantly on the losing side!

They were completely overpowered by Yin Wu Fa!

“A King level master?!” The two were shocked that their enemy was so powerful. No wonder their colleague had yelled out for their leader to run. At the same time, he did not cease to cheer them on from the sideline!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Four Revered Martial Artists appeared. Seeing the three in battle and that their colleagues were on the losing side, they rushed up without hesitation and fought with full force!

One versus six!

“So many?” Yin Wu Fa laughed mockingly, “What can you do with so many people? If I don’t kill all of you today, I won’t be a human being! A bunch of SOBs dare to stop me? What a joke!”

The six Revered Martial Artists were attacking with all their might; one of them angrily said, “Who are you?”

They could only think of the Mo clan. Only the Mo Clan was capable of quickly mobilizing a King level master!

They just ambushed Mo Cheng Yu and the little Mo princess; this was clearly revenge!

Yin Wu Fa sneered, “The person who will kill all of you!”

“Kill!” The six Revered Martial Artists angrily yelled; their offensive became even more fierce! However, Yin Wu Fa was a sixth grade King level master, and they were just Revered Martial Artists. Even if they fought to the death, they were no match for him.

Yin Wu Fa’s pleasure grew as he dealt out one blow after another!

“Pop… pop.” Two sounds, and two Revered Martial Artists flew out. The terrifying sounds of their bones cracking was heard, as blood splattered everywhere. With one blow, those two were closer to death than life!

At this point, the eyes of the four others were bright red as they attacked without any regard for their own lives.

Yin Wu Fa mocked, “Lightning bugs dare to compare their brilliance to the bright light?! Why don’t you call…”

“Stop!” An angry roar rang out. A person appeared at the inn’s door.

His body was thin, and his face was gaunt. His two eyes were full of spirit, and there was an aura of cruel, dark energy in his eyes, making anyone who looked into them tremble! His face currently looked like it was covered with a layer of frost; and as he frowned, there were three wrinkle lines in the middle of his temple!

This person looked like he could be thirty, fifty, or even twenty years old!

He clasped his hands behind his back as his cruel eyes stared at Yin Wu Fa! His eyes were like that of a poisonous snake looking at its target!

Yin Wu Fa looked, and was immediately shocked! This person was exactly as Chu Yang described!

Moreover, this person emitted a powerful aura! One that enveloped the world! This was the aura of a person at a high position and holding the lives of millions in his hands!

Only such an aura was capable of controlling Bu Tian Pavilion and going against a legendary figure like Diwu Qing Rou!

This was also the person with the cruelty and the ferociousness to kill so many people!

Yin Wu Fa’s two eyes brightened! This is the reason I came to Iron Cloud! King of Hell Chu! Finally, you have appeared! Finally, I have found you!

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