Before, Gu Du Xing only worried about two people, his foster father and his sister Xiao Miao. But now he had one more person to worry about, Chu Yang. At first glance, Chu Yang seemed to act mature, but Gu Du Xing knew that his maturity was borne from being through many hardships in life!

Every time he thought about this, Gu Du Xing felt greatly distressed. Compared to Chu Yang, Gu Du Xing felt he was luckier by far. At least when he was young, he had the love, attention, and care of his parents. After his family’s tragedy, he was taken care of by his foster father. It could be said that he did not suffer too much hardship.

But Chu Yang?

Gu Du Xing felt Chu Yang was like a little brother who was forced to grow up, and was in need of his care and protection. There was no reason; this kind of feeling naturally arose.

At first, he thought that Chu Yang’s cultivation was higher than his. He absolutely did not imagine that Chu Yang’s cultivation was actually just grade four Martial Warrior! Therefore, when he witnessed Chu Yang cultivating tonight, he was initially startled and stupefied.

Gu Du Xing thought to himself: So what if he is only grade four? With me here, who would dare to do anything to him? So what if he barely has any martial power? Is Gu Du Xing the type of person that would stand by and watch while his brother is in danger?

With such thoughts, Gu Du Xing felt completely relaxed. However, the moment he raised up his sword and tried to continue cultivating, he was taken aback once again. He immediately turned and looked in Chu Yang’s direction again. This time, he used too much force and almost twisted his neck.

Chu Yang, how… how did he enter meditative state already? Gu Du Xing was at a complete loss; for a grade four Martial Warrior to enter meditative state immediately after sitting down was too monstrous! Even a Martial Great Master could not be that fast!

Gu Du Xing stared with his eyes wide opened.

On the edge of the pond, the chaotic construction site suddenly seemed far away; in fact, it seemed to have disappeared from this world altogether. The wind gently blew creating tiny ripples on the lake’s surface. Each wave gently hit the shore, one after another in an endless cycle.

In this moment, this lake’s quiet sounds were carried toward Chu Yang by the curtain of the dark night. Inside his mind, a spiritual light flashed. His energy continued to move as before but part of his consciousness was concentrated on the sounds created by those gentle waves lapping against the shore. Time slowly passed by, and it was as if Chu Yang had appeared next to a quiet, small lake, whose surface was calm enough to reflect the vast sky.

Chu Yang’s mind was even more peaceful this time compared to all other times he was in his meditative state. His whole body seemed to have escaped from the bondage of life and became immersed in that tiny lake of his mind…

On the other side, Gu Du Xing sighed. This Chu Yang is some sort of abnormality… With such abilities, there is no doubt that he would surpass me in a short time. Entering meditative state right after sitting down, I can’t beat that…

However, after he finished sighing, he immediately felt that Chu Yang’s breath had become elusive. Gu Du Xing was once again startled and turned around. His left hand rubbed his eyes in disbelief. This person entered meditative state just after sitting down. And after only a few breath, he was already able to advance into the enlightened state! (TLN: Total escape from reality.)

Gu Du Xing almost yelled out loud.

For Gu Du Xing, he must be in meditative state for at least two hours before entering the enlightened state! This was cultivation at the most profound level; this was when the consciousness and thoughts become one. Compared to the normal meditative state, cultivation would be twice as effective in the enlightened state!

Chu Yang could advance into it so easily?

Monstrous… (

The edge of Gu Du Xing’s mouth curved into a slightly bitter smile. He had always thought that he was a rarity in the Middle Three Heavens. He did not expect this kid who was younger than him by a few years could make him lose almost all of his confidence with just a few breaths!

Inside his consciousness, Chu Yang slowly opened his eyes and stared intensely at the little waves tirelessly lapping at the shore. He started to understand a little… These waves might not have that much strength, but they did not cease to advance, retreat, advance again, retreat again, …

No even slightly weary.

Chu Yang could not help but think: Just like a person cultivating, these extremely ordinary waves did not become cheerful because of a little success and did not become weary because of a little failure. They were not rash but simply continued to aim straight ahead… not knowing how their cultivation would increase…

He continued to stare as he felt the energy in his body slowing becoming like the waves endlessly flowing through his meridians and lapping in an energy circle. One round after another, quietly advancing…

At this moment, Chu Yang’s consciousness advanced into an even more profound state. He felt as if all of heaven and earth suddenly became nothing. No material, no desire, nothing existed. His whole body seemed to have dissolved into the quiet pond in front of him, softly becoming the gentle waves that went back and forth…

This process by itself seemed able to gather all emotions in life: contentment and happiness, sweetness and tranquility… It was as if they could go on forever, and one would not be bored…

In a distance, Gu Du Xing mouth opened wide as he stared. His mouth opened wide like a hippo. His sword quietly dropped to the ground…

Gu Du Xing collapsed!

Oh god! Help me. Tell me this is not real!

How could this be?! Gu Du Xing was pulling his hair and it was not until he felt great pain that he came to his senses. Oh god! The legendary heaven and man becoming one; this peak state… I can’t believe it actually happened in front of me.

Earlier, when he discovered a strange happening, he did not turn back. He even had hoped that Chu Yang could stay in the enlightened state for a long time; the longer the better. This would have been good for his cultivation…

However, he did not expect what happened next. An even more monstrous thing happened in front of him. He clearly could see Chu Yang sitting there, but he no longer was able to feel Chu Yang’s existence!

Such a situation could only happened for one reason: heaven and man becoming one, the ultimate state of enlightenment in martial arts! It transcended normal cultivation, and only existed in the realm of legends! This state was supposed to be achievable only upon reaching the level of Martial King!

Even with Martial Kings, this was not common. Only in the occasional realm of deep understanding can this state occur! According to legends, each time a person advanced into this state, the yield would not be small!

Bu how could this rare situation happen? Normally, absolute serenity must be maintained for more than two hours of the enlightened state before having a small chance of entering the heaven and man becoming one state. Rushing would guarantee failure! Everything must happen naturally! If disturbed, everything would be for naught; plus, there would be a decrease in level also!

But Chu Yang, how… how could he, in this loud construction with the lapping water of the lake, advanced into the ‘heaven and man becoming one’ state? This… Are there any heavenly laws left?

Gu Du Xing plopped his butt on the ground! It hit hard on a rock, but all his senses still did not come back.

After Chu Yang entered this peak state, he leisurely explored. At this moment, the interspace where Nine Tribulations Sword tip resided opened up, as if it was breathing in and out. Above the water of the lake, a layer of fog, unseen by the naked eye, slowly gathered. It flew in the air, and, as if guided by some unseen force, twirled around Chu Yang’s body. Finally, it quickly entered his body, and disappeared…

Time slowly passed by. Another layer of fog gathered on the lake’s surface…

And then another layer…

Who knew how long, two hours, four hours…

Gu Du Xing remained stunned where he sat, soaked in dew. The first ray on sunlight just rose behind the curtain of fog, but Chu Yang still did not rouse.

Under Gu Du Xing’s gaze, the air around Chu Yang suddenly stirred.

Chu Yang’s level was going up slowly… It was only because of this that Gu Du Xing could still feel Chu Yang’s existence…

Grade four Martial Warrior, mid-level grade four Martial Warrior, top-level grade four Martial Warrior… peak… breakthrough!

Grade five Martial Warrior!

Gu Du Xing felt his jaw dropped to the ground! Mother*, heaven borne talent, I have met many, but I have never seen such… such… monster!

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