Chapter 109

Hey, Chu Yang! She’s only 12!!! But I guess he’s the only man for the job.

Read on, guys! As always, comments and bunnies in tanks are appreciated.

Edit: Only about ten. (Chapter 32)

9 thoughts on “TTNH Chapter 109 – She is my life!

  1. Yes, but it’s not like he can’t wait few years till she’s legal to date him. He’s the serious type, not like those harem seeking mc, so I can respect him in this aspect.


  2. Well chu yang said he met qing mo when he was 25 and she was 19, so 6 yrs difference.
    In this new life, he is currently 19 so qing mo supposedly 13 yrs 😊


    1. You’re right. He’s 15 going on 16. Generally, the Asian cultures that I do know of do not really give much emphasis on the birthday thing. So 16 is what he would generally use if the birthday issue was not involved.


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