Chapter 145

Previously on TTNH, Chu Yang of Beyond the Heavens Sect accidentally became master of Nine Tribulations Sword only to misunderstand the path of cultivation leading to the death of his love Mo Qing Wu and his own subsequent death. Living again at age sixteen, he now had the chance to invert fate and fix his mistakes. Things changed as he started to intervene. While helping Iron Cloud Nation fight against the powerful Diwu Qing Rou, he finally met the love he longed for only to be hit with two terrible realities: she was gravely injured by the Hei Mo clan and she was only nine. Our lovesick and practically pedophilic Chu now had to guard against the Hei Mo clan and Diwu Qing Rou’s people. When they both came calling, Chu Yang hatched a brilliant plan. Who would come out on top? Would anyone figure out what was going on?

13 thoughts on “TTNH Chapter 145 – Mutual destruction

  1. There’s not only pedo in this novel!!! There’s lolicon, brocon, siscon, mothercon, ojicon, and a lot more -con in here


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