Wu Qian Qian agreed but her mind was full of doubt… Just do what? According to Chu Yang? What plans does he have?

Tie Bu Tian smiled and said mystically, “Remember that Minister Chu once said he will be gentle… Hahaha…” In his mind, he was thinking about what Chu Yang said before: “If I really can’t avoid it, I will use a more gentle method.” Tie Bu Tian could not help but laugh. He also was trying to guess what Chu Yang’s plans will be.

Wu Qian Qian became even more annoyed as she thought: How? Be gentle? Is he indirectly reminding me to be gentler with Chu Yang? Is this prince trying to set me up with Chu Yang? Or perhaps… Chu Yang has asked Tie Bu Tian to be a matchmaker? Why did he say “Minister Chu once said he will be gentle”? When she got this point, her face immediately turned red… This is… too embarrassing…

Seeing Wu Qian Qian’s face turned red, a flash of envy appeared in Tie Bu Tian’s eyes. But right after, he teased, “Miss Wu, your face is really red… What are you thinking about?”

“Ah… umm… well…” Wu Qian Qian was caught by surprise and was temporarily at a loss for words.

“Chu Yang… is indeed a rare good man.” Tie Bu Tian smiled, “If Miss Wu… then you should show him a lot of love.”

Wu Qian Qian became infinitely shy, and looked sheepishly at the ground.

In reality, she and Chu Yang never had any intentions toward each other, but somehow, there were lots of rumors about the two being in some sort of love affair!

Chu Yang absolutely did not pay attention to them. His heart was currently hardened like a stone, he couldn’t care less for these silly rumors. Whatever other people thought was their business; what did it have to do with him?

However, Wu Qian Qian was no longer like she was before. During this time period, no matter where she went, she received all sorts of looks that seemed to imply these rumors. At first, she was embarrassed and angry even. Over time, she learned to tolerate them, and became used to them… then they became a little real to her. In short, this girl at her most beautiful age, was gradually experiencing a change of heart…

This sort of change… was especially potent for those of her age.

“Oh, the rare elixirs and precious minerals seized by Minister Chu… what is he doing with them?” Once he knew that Chu Yang had his own plans, Tie Bu Tian was much more relaxed; now he had time to turn his attention to other things.

Chu Yang had requested to keep these, and Tie Bu Tian readily complied. There were many of such things in the royal palace; it was not worth it to nitpick with Chu Yang on these measly things. In fact, there were things that the royal palace had that Chu Yang would not be able to find in those places. But anything that could be found in those places, the royal palace would surely have them. Therefore, Tie Bu Tian just turned a blind eye as Chu Yang pocketed these things…

However, Tie Bu Tian was very curious: Why did Chu Yang grab them? Until now, he still haven’t use them. Moreover, he never used them to help Bu Tian Pavilion… He is only one person, does he need so much elixirs? Ah, if it’s just elixirs, that’s understandable. As a precaution for injuries? This could be explained by a person’s fear of death… But why so much rare minerals?

“I don’t know this either. After each seizure, Chu Yang gave orders for all of them to be placed in an appointed storage room…” Half way through her answer, Wu Qian Qian suddenly stopped. She realized… that small storage room Chu Yang appointed shared the same wall as his room at Bu Tian Pavilion. From what Wu Qian Qian remembered, that storage room was not all that big… With their constant seizures, that storage room should have been filled already… Yet how is it that we are still able to put things in there?

“Well, when I have time, I must take a look.” Tie Bu Tian smiled happily. His smile hid a mysterious pleasure.

“If Your Highness has no other orders, I will take my leave.” Wu Qian Qian said. She was not Tie Bu Tian’s subject; in essence, Beyond the Heavens Sect and Tie Bu Tian were working together, and she was just there to help… She did not need to show Tie Bu Tian such excessive decorum…

Of course, there was some calculations on Wu Yun Liang’s part. If Wu Qian Qian could become queen or even the king’s mistress in Iron Cloud, then… However, according to the current situation, Wu Yun Liang’s hope had no chance of coming to fruition.

“Oh, your father sent this.” Tie Bu Tian pulled out an envelope and gave it to Wu Qian Qian.

“Thank you, Your Highness.” Wu Qian Qian received the letter with some excitements.

Actually, Wu Yun Liang sent three envelopes, one for Bao Kuang Lei, one for Wu Qian Qian, and one directly to Tie Bu Tian. Of course, besides the two parties involved, no one knew the content of the letter Wu Yun Liang sent to Tie Bu Tian…

Watching Wu Qian Qian leave, Tie Bu Tian’s gaze gradually changed. Finally, he looked down and sighed. He suddenly thought about that “King of Hell Chu,” and could not help shake his head and laugh.

Minister Chu’s method was truly undecipherable by anyone. In such a short time, he had managed to build layers upon layers of strategies. Even something as easy to understand as his origin had been turned into total confusion.

Chu Yang came from Beyond the Heavens Sect, that was no secret. First, he was an heir of a powerful family who had fallen into hard times and had to wander around Jiang Hu. Second, he was a descendant of a fallen Iron Cloud general. Third, he was a chosen disciple of a reclusive martial expert, apparently with the powers of tigers and dragons. Fourth, he was a student of a great scholar; and even though he was weak, he was a heaven sent genius. Fifth, he was from one of the families in Middle Three Heavens, and had come down to train…

Furthermore, there seemed to be witnesses and evidence for every statement. If one were to investigate, these statements could be verified…

Tie Bu Tian truly could not understand why Chu Yang made such confusing rumors…

During this period, Tie Bu Tian knew that Chu Yang’s mysterious disappearances were for strengthening Heavenly Armament Pavilion. Tie Bu Tian was looking forward to seeing the future of Heavenly Armament Pavilion as well. Even though he knew that it was Chu Yang’s personal force, he believed that when the time comes, Heavenly Armament Pavilion could be counted on to lend a hand.

Tie Bu Tian wanted to use Chu Yang to lead Bu Tian Pavilion and fight for Iron Cloud, to defeat Diwu Qing Rou. And, naturally, Chu Yang wanted to use this fight for the world as an opportunity to strengthen his own power!

This relationship was beneficial to both sides!

As for after peace was achieved… Hmm… In truth… Tie Bu Tian was not certain of this distant future. So he did not bother to think about it…

***** (walkthejianghu.com)

At this moment, in the prime minister’s mansion in Great Zhao Nation…

Diwu Qing Rou sat in his chair as he looked at the pile of news on his desk, his countenance was calm… However, his finger tapped rhythmically on his chair in a very slow motion. There seemed to be a long interval between each tap.

In front of him, the people sitting there did not dare to open their mouths and break the silence. Because this action signified that Diwu Qing was thinking about something.

“King of Hell Chu, hahaha…” Diwu Qing Rou smiled and said slowly, “This King of Hell Chu, do we dare to overlook him?”

These words seemed be a question, but also seemed to be rhetorical. Everyone was not able to grasp Diwu Qing Rou’s meaning just now. They looked at each other, and all of them cautiously chose to remain silent.

“This King of Hell Chu was just instated and he already managed to dig out so many of our people… Can any of guess what methods he used?” Diwu Qing Rou slowly.

“Methods?” Everyone was caught by surprise. All of the spies’ backgrounds were painstakingly planned by the Golden Horse Riders Department. Without question, every aspect did not have the tiniest of flaws. Asking them to think of this now was impossible in a short time period.

“The problem is not on our part, but that King of Hell Chu.” Diwu Qing Rou said in a low voice, “His methods for finding spies are totally opposite of normal reasoning. For most people, they will first think about whether the person is a spy before finding the flaws… that would be much easier.”

“For King of Hell Chu, he looked at ordinary or good points of the officials instead. In other words, his investigations focus on upstanding officials, those who kept themselves clean and worked hard… He especially looked at people like these and searched for abnormalities.” Diwu Qing Rou sighed, “This King of Hell Chu is not simple at all!”

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