As Chu Yang thought about this, he could not help but smile.

To go up by three grades like that was not simple… First, he had to seize and gather all the herbal elixirs. After that, Nine Tribulations Sword purified them to be more potent for use… In addition, over more than twenty days, he fought forty to fifty matches, big and small. He fought until his whole body ached and was in pain. The price was not small at all.

A training method like that was downright masochistic. There was no avoidance, a hit for a hit. Plus, he had to avoid using fatal moves, and more importantly avoid using Nine Tribulations Sword… If the sword was used, the person will die and there was simply no chance of any sort of understanding or enlightenment.

On the other hand, if his martial power was not as high as the other person… Would this not be just asking for a beating?

Chu Yang was lost in his thoughts when there was an earth-shattering sound of screaming from the direction of the citadel’s gate, “Where is Du Shi Qing? Du Shi Qing, you come out here right now!” The sound of the voice carried endless madness and grief.

The person that called out must have incredible martial power!

Chu Yang was startled, he turned toward the direction of the citadel gate and asked himself, “Who is it? This person’s martial power is very high… What is he looking for Du Shi Qing for…?”

The sound was from some distance, but for some unknown reason Chu Yang suddenly felt like his insides were burning. It was as if something terrible was happening.

Chu Yang immediately shot toward the southern gate.

He did not understand why he was reacting this way; he only knew that his heart felt really anxious! Why?

The voice did not cease calling Du Shi Qing’s name. The urgency and panic in it made it clear to everyone who heard that the person yelling was in a state of frenzy!

He came closer and closer!

Chu Yang’s body looked as if it was ripping through the wind as it shot forward.

At the citadel’s gate, a man in black was carrying another person on his back was rushing past the soldiers like a whirlwind. Before they had a chance to react, their eyes simply widened as this black whirlwind swept past them on the main road into the citadel. One soldier with quick reflex was about to block him when he was hit in midair. His arms and legs went flailing, and blood was splattered everywhere!

What move that person made… no one could see clearly!

“Stop!” The martial masters guarding the gate jumped up to block him. A white figure glided down front of the man in black. The white and black figures fought, and within a blink of an eye… “Bam bam.” The white figure let out an awful noise as he fell to the ground. Blood spurted from his mouth. As he was falling down there was even the cracking sounds of the bones in his body breaking!

Because of this little moment, seven to eight other figures had managed to get in position and block the man in black.

With his momentum gone, the wild eyed man in black angrily yelled, “Get out of my way! Get Du Shi Qing now!”

“Such defiance!” Du Shi Qing was Tie Bu Tian’s guest at the royal palace; everyone knew this… Currently, Du Shi Qing was in the royal palace treating the emperor of Iron Cloud Nation; how could anyone bother him?

“Get out of my way!” There was a trickle of blood on the edge of the man’s mouth. He had apparently suffered from internal injuries, but he still exuded an overpowering aura. Seeing the seven to eight people blocking him and the soldiers surrounding him, he became furious; he activated his energy and made his move in a flash.

With one shot, an unstoppable, raging force burst!

The seven people facing him exclaimed in unison, “Revered Master?”… And without delay they responded with full force.

The man’s mouth grimaced and he roared, “If you don’t make way, you will all die!” A fierce force was released from his palm.

Even in this dangerous situation, the man still had one of his arms wrapped around the person on his back. As for the person lying on his back, there was no movement the whole time. The whole body was completely covered by a large cloak, making it impossible to see what that figure looked like. But based on the shape, that person seemed to be really frail, maybe a child…

“Pow!” One sound rang out as the force of seven people came into contact with the man’s palm’s force… It was followed by all seven people flying in four directions with pale faces.

Their opponent clearly did not use his full strength… The man in black’s strength was enough to leave others stunned.

“What is your friend’s illness that you must find Senior Du?” An official below called out loudly, “Please understand that this is Iron Cloud Citadel, and Senior Du is an honored guest… Your being impatient and causing trouble will only delay your friend’s treatment. I hope you will carefully rethink your actions!”

After hearing so, the man in black trembled. He swooped down from the air and grabbed the official, “You know Du Shi Qing? Where is he? Bring me to him quickly!”

“This situation… this lowly official does not have the authority!” Even though he was held under a tight grip, that official never showed any signs of fear and said boldly, “No matter how high your martial power is, seeing Du Shi Qing is not something you could do based on martial power.”

“You are courageous!” The man in black slowly released him. His bloodshot eyes suddenly brightened like a hungry wolf in front of its prey. But when he spoke again, his voice was in part calmer, “Then what is the quickest way to see Du Shi Qing?”

That official was just using his quick wit to talk the man down. Du Shi Qing was in the royal palace; how could a small time official like him know how to solve this problem? There was immediately a troubled look on his face.

The man grinded his teeth and yelled angrily, “You lied to me!” He raised his arm, wanting to take this official’s life with one palm! Seeing the situation, soldiers from four sides gathered around him and shouted. Their unsheathed swords shined over the entire southern gate!

Without a care, the man shouted, “If you delay me, I will not mind killing the entire Iron Cloud Citadel! Do you think I care about killing a few more people?” He raised up his arm preparing to kill; he did not even blink.

“Stop!” A black shadow flew forward. Before he even reached the man, he shouted in midair, “If you want to see Du Shi Qing, you just have to talk to me!”

Upon hearing these words, the man pulled back his arm. A second ago, his energy was bursting out, seemingly unstoppable. And yet, now, it had completely disappeared like a passing breeze.

The person quickly flying forward was Chu Yang. When he saw the control this person had with his power, he was shocked, “A King level master!”

The man looked up at Chu Yang’s mask, “Take off your mask! I don’t like those who hide like that. I also can’t trust them!”

“Do you want to see Du Shi Qing or do you want me to take off my mask?” Chu Yang grunted coldly, “If I could take it off, why would I bother wearing it in the first place?”

The man snorted and stared at Chu Yang sharply with eyes like a hawk’s, “Do you know where Du Shi Qing is?”

“Of course I do! But if it’s not important, then no one is allowed to bother Senior Du.” Chu Yang said, “I also need to know for sure whether that person is injured or is just sick. Does that person need to be treated by Du Shi Qing himself?”

The man in black stared at Chu Yang fiercely. His gaze looked as if he wanted to swallow Chu Yang.

“If it is a small injury or some ordinary illness then it could be cured by many medical centers in the city!” Chu Yang said as he remained indifferent to the man’s gaze. Strangely, he became more and more anxious. He felt as if there existed some relationship between him and this man. If not, then how could his fortified emotions be so chaotic at this moment?

“Everyone out of the way; there’s no problem.” Chu Yang looked in all four directions as his right hand pulled out a shiny token. On it were two clearly engraved words: “Bu Tian.”

“Bu Tian Pavilion’s man!” All the officials and soldiers suddenly felt a chill, “Move away, move away. Let’s go.” The soldiers surrounding the man immediately dispersed.

Everyone rubbed their foreheads, still feeling afraid. At first, they were annoyed with that masked guy and wanted to tell him to take it off. But now, they were very glad that they did not.

So it was King of Hell Chu. It’s so fortunate that we did not mess with him!

The gaze of the man in black suddenly became calmer. He gently moved the person from his back to in front of him; each movement was done with great care as if not wanting to disturb that sick person!

Then he gently lifted the cloak and said, “It is an injury and an illness! If it could easily be cured then I would not have to run for thousands of miles to Iron Cloud Citadel! I am afraid not even Du Shi Qing can…”

He sighed softly. (

But at this time, Chu Yang could no longer hear what he was saying.

When that cloak was lifted, Chu Yang’s blood boiled. His eyes became blurred… He almost lost consciousness.

No wonder his state of mind became so abnormal… It turned out…

Chu Yang’s heart felt bitterness and pain. His eyes were blurred by the streams of tears. When he saw this injured person, his body was shaken violently. It was as if it took all of his body as well as his spirit to form the words… With a trembling voice, he called out, “Qing… Wu…”

(TLN: Yes, the title was Qing Wu.)

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