This was the second young master of the Ji clan! His memory from the previous life did not include this second young master. Firstly, it was because his time in Middle Three Heavens was too short. Secondly, he did not remember everyone clearly.

If he was capable of making Gu Du Xing notice, he was clearly not a weakling!

“You’re not going to greet the boss?”

When Gu Du Xing saw that Ji Mo was still standing there, he became grouchy and gave his butt a few kicks.

“Aah…” Ji Mo angrily rubbed his rear, and reluctantly bowed, “Boss!”

“Great! Since you are here, let’s be brothers!” Chu Yang smiled and nodded.

“His name is Luo Ke Di, second young master of the Luo clan. His nickname is Coyote. He might seem like a loner, but it is just a façade. He loves to pretend.” Gu Du Xing pointed to another young man and continued his introduction. This young man had an icy countenance, but his eyes were very lively. It could be seen that he was not arrogant like his appearance.

“Ah, I have admired you for a long time!” Chu Yang smiled and nodded.

“Hello, boss.” Luo Ke Di bowed and added, “I was forcefully invited by Gu Du Xing. This bastard does not have a care for our old friendship; I hope you can do me justice.”

He had just been introduced and he already filed a complaint.

“Ah, you can’t beat him?” Chu Yang asked.

“I am not a match for him.” Luo Ke Di replied frankly, “If I beat him, I would have hung him upside down and spanked him a hundred times already!”

“Well, that’s it! You can’t beat him so he harassed you; that’s normal!” Chu Yang smiled and replied. These words surprised all the second young masters, especially Luo Ke Di whose eyes almost popped out.

Motherf*! This boss has some personality!

“Do you want to harass him back?” Chu Yang tempted.

“Of course I do!” Luo Ke Di said loudly, “Even while I am dreaming…”

He sighed all of a sudden, and said with a crestfallen face, “Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult!”

“Just follow me and do a good job; I will give you this opportunity!” Chu Yang winked.

“Thank you, boss! If I could torture Gu Du Xing once, I am willing to be your ox, your horse!” Luo Ke Di replied bluntly.

“Hah, even if you have three lifetimes, you won’t be able to do anything!” Gu Du Xing replied in disdain, and immediately introduced the third person.

“This is Dong Wu Shang, second young master of the Dong clan. This clan is the only clan in Middle Three Heavens that uses sabers.”

Dong Wu Shang was about eighteen or nineteen years old with dark skin. On his back was a saber scabbard dark as ink. When his eyes looked up, Chu Yang felt as if there were two sabers flying toward him.

Chu Yang was pleasantly surprised.

Dong Wu Shang, this guy was extremely famous in Chu Yang’s previous life! He was one of the twelve powerful forces in Middle Three Heavens. “Black Saber One Thousand Talents Evil Young Master;” (TLN: One line of a poem from chapter 66. He is the Black Saber in this line.) the protector of the Dong clan was standing right in front of him.

After gaining his fame, Dong Wu Shang fought a few hundred battles, big and small. He never lost one, and he never was injured, which also happened to be his name! (TLN: Wu Shang – no injuries)

However, Dong Wu Shang had yet to amount to anything then.

“Black Saber clan?” Chu Yang’s gaze remained cool like an autumn pond as he asked casually.

“Yes, Black Saber clan!” Dong Wu Shang showed a look of surprise. He did not expect a person from Lower Three Heavens to know about the name Black Saber clan.

Everyone in the Dong clan used sabers dark as ink so they were called Black Saber clan.

“Very good!” Chu Yang did not that expect among the future twelve powerful characters, two of them appeared in front of him right now. Plus, they were his martial brothers!

“This person is Rui Bu Tong. He found me; I didn’t find him!” Gu Du Xing pointed to a thin youth in black standing next to him, “We knew each other, and I had helped him before. This punk had remembered and followed to pay me back; it’s really annoying! When I announced that I was recruiting people, he came to join without a second thought.”

“Rui Bu Tong…” Chu Yang’s brows twitched; he was elated. Today, good fortune came continuously. This Rui Bu Tong would become a notorious bandit roaming all over Middle Three Heavens. According to stories, besides Lone Traveler Gu Du Xing, he did not respect anyone else. He was the Grinch of the generation.

No one knew his background or where he came from. He always remained a loner. But whenever Gu Du Xing needed help, Rui Bu Tong was the first person to stand beside him.

Of course Rui Bu Tong was a quiet person of few words; he only looked at Chu Yang, smiled, nodded, and bowed. In this group, he was the only person that did not express a rebellious look toward Chu Yang.

“Well, I am honored to introduce our boss, Chu Yang!”

Gu Du Xing bone-piercing, icy gazed aimed at the four, “Remember! Whoever disrespects the boss, disrespects me! Brothers are brothers, but rules are rules! If anyone dared to not follow the rules of Heavenly Armament Pavilion, don’t complain that my sword has no mercy!”

“Rest assured boss Gu. Just one word from you, I guarantee that anyone who does not listen will not have even an underwear to put on the next morning!” Rui Bu Tong smiled and replied.

The other three weakly snorted as a show of compliance.

In Middle Three Heavens, they did not respect anyone and fought fiercely with each other. On many occasions, someone would be severely beaten. They never thought that Gu Du Xing would gather them all in one place… this was an incredibly absurd thing.

In fact, Dong Wu Shang was explicitly told by his clan that in this outing, he must deal with Luo Ke Di’s clan.

And the Ji clan was also an opponent that the Dong clan and the Luo clan wanted to deal with.

The target of the Luo clan was the Dong clan and the Ji clan.

With such relationships, how could they live together in one place?

“We don’t have clans here, only brothers!” Chu Yang saw through their hearts. He thought to himself: This Gu Du Xing is really talented; he said that he was going to invite these type of Second little ancestors, and now all he has brought are Second little ancestors.

None of these guys are dumb either.

“According to my knowledge, when young people like you go out, the clans would send King level masters as bodyguards. Why don’t you have any?” Chu Yang asked.

These words hit directly at their hidden pain, making the three Second little ancestors furious.

“King level bodyguards? With my strength, why would I need bodyguards?” Ji Mo replied angrily.

“Yes! Whenever I go out, I never bring bodyguards with me!” Luo Ke Di spat and answer condescendingly.

“What are bodyguards? Since I have been running rampant, I have never used them!” Dong Wu Shang glared.

“Shut up all of you! Is this the attitude you use when talking to the boss?” Gu Du Xing glared, and revealed everything, “They don’t have the status to bring bodyguards. While they were able to become second young masters with their strengths, in their clans, they are all lower-born…”

“Oh…” Chu Yang sighed deeply. The three faces immediately reddened.

“What’s lower-born?” The moment Rui Bu Tong asked, the other three glared at him. Without any signals, they rushed him all at once and wrestled him to the ground. Then his pitiful body was pounded with countless punches.

The three at already disliked Rui Bu Tong since the beginning. On the way, he had helped Gu Du Xing harass them. They had been annoyed but did not dare to say anything; but now that they were making their move, all three rushed up.

His words had provoked a shared pain of these three. With such a heaven-sent opportunity, how could they pass it up? This was the first time the three of them cooperated with each other.

After they were done with the beating, Ji Mo rolled his eyes and said, “Lower-born is a child born from a concubine. Motherf*! I am the child of that bastard and his concubine! My mother is a concubine! Understood?”

“Do you hate him?” Chu Yang rubbed his chin and asked. He felt that these people were really interesting.

“Hate? No!” Ji Mo sighed and replied sadly, “With him, I don’t think I would be able to hate! All sons are given names for their destiny. And he gave me the name Ji Mo! (TLN: Mo means ink; dark) Does he want me to be alone for the rest of my life? But somehow I still manage to have a lot of friends!”

“These brothers, because of their birth, have no hope in their clans. Therefore, I brought them together in hope that they will follow you and make a future for themselves!” Gu Du Xing replied solemnly.

“If you beat the eldest young masters, wouldn’t everything change?” Chu Yang was annoyed; he remembered that Mo Cheng Yu said that the Mo clan was the same way.

“That is only the case for legitimate children.” Gu Du Xing explained, “Children of concubines are not counted. The highest position they could achieve is second young master; they cannot advance further! Even if the eldest young master dies, they would choose one of the legitimate descendants to replace him; they would never choose illegitimate children!”

Chu Yang said “oh”, and he really wanted to ask: How did you, Gu Du Xing, manage to climb to the position of clan leader in the previous life? Did you kill all the legitimate descendants?

“Well, let’s cut to the chase! Hey, Chu Yang!” Dong Wu Shang coldly said, “We could join Heavenly Armament Pavilion, but the ranking needs to be renegotiated.”

This punk opened his mouth and called him Chu Yang; no respect at all.

Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo’s eyes also brightened. Perhaps the three of them had discussed about this already.

“What did you say?” Gu Du Xing growled with anger, feeling a loss of face. His face reddened like a persimmon. His eyes flashed fiercely and his hand was on his sword hilt; a murderous aura poured out.

“Boss Gu, we already said this! We wanted to see this boss.” Dong Wu Shang took a step back, but there was not the least bit of fear in his eyes as he calmly continued, “This is just curiosity. We never said that we would definitely work for him! Of course, if you are the boss, I, Dong Wu Shang, would have nothing more to say!” (

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