What Kong Shang Xin feared most in life was grieving, but today, he had tasted just that. When he had reached the end of his ropes and everyone in Middle Three Heavens was hunting him down, Yin Wu Fa and Yin Wu Tian had helped him. Therefore, his feelings for these two were very deep. Not only were they his martial brothers, they were also his saviors.

At this moment, looking at Yin Wu Fa’s pitiful appearance with his life hanging by a thread, Kong Shang Xin’s heart quivered in pain.

Since the time he was hunted, his personality had completely changed. He used to be reckless, but now he had become mature and cautious; before doing anything, he calculated carefully first. If something was uncertain, he would never take the risk. In everything, his own safety was the top priority. It was with such cautiousness that he had step by step climbed up to the position of Golden Horse Riders Department’s King level leader.

But the moment he saw Yin Wu Fa’s sad state, his blood boiled violently. With this kind of hatred, he could not share the same sky as his enemy!

“Uh… uh…” Yin Wu Fa’s eyes opened wide looking at his second martial brother. He seemed to want to say something but was unable to speak.

“Don’t overexert yourself! The prime minister sent Jade Spirit Ginseng for you to use. Let me feed it to you!!” Kong Shang Xin hastily ran back out. He currently felt very lucky. Lucky that he had been quick enough in coming here. If he had traveled with Cheng Yun He… the result would be unthinkable.

Upon hearing the words “Jade Spirit Ginseng,” Yin Wu Fa trembled in his critical state. His lifeless eyes sudden brightened with hope.

After a long while, Yin Wu Fa’s white face started to show a faint trace of color. His horrifying deep wounds were slowly closing. Some time after, he gradually recovered to a normal state. There was more strength in his breathing and fell into a gentle sleep.

From the time he was in the hands of death to the moment he slept, he never uttered a word! He was so completely drained of all his strength that he could not even speak!

“I finally managed to save you from the hands of the King of Hell!!” Kong Shang Xin sadly took his hand and felt Yin Wu Fa’s forehead. Then he removed his cloak. He laughed to himself and muttered, “I really did save you from the King of Hell, King of Hell Chu…”

He let out a sigh and closed his eyes to meditate.

When he came to, everyone was gathered around him looking very worried. Three Command Horse Riders and fifteen Black Horse Riders total.

Command Horse Riders had cultivation levels of sixth grade Revered Martial Artist and higher. In this group, two of them were eighth grade and one was ninth grade.

This particular group was quite powerful. The fifteen Black Horse Riders were ninth grade Martial Great Masters and above. Among them, fourteen had already reached Revered Martial Artist.

This was only the first wave sent here by Golden Horse Riders Department. Cheng Yun He was coming after them with another group. Golden Horse Riders Department was simply crushing their enemies with sheer manpower. They planned to rescue Tang Xin Sheng and solve the problems in Iron Cloud in one shot!

Bullying others? Yeah, we’re bullying you! You people don’t have as many martial masters as we do; I am bringing a lot of martial masters to deal with you; you got a problem with that?

Killing little ants with an elephant! Don’t you feel privileged?

Thinking about this, Kong Shang Xin felt so very cool.

“Sir, what should we do next?” One of the Command Horse Riders asked cautiously, “Should we wait for Official Cheng to come or…”

“Did you people find out where they are keeping Number One?” Kong Shang Xin snorted, eying Yin Wu Fa. He had slightly calmed down when hatred flooded his heart once more, “Where is King of Hell Chu keeping Number One?”

“Sir, we have not found out yet!” That Command Horse Rider replied, “We have heard that King of Hell Chu has been really concerned with the justice department’s jail. Plus, he has mobilized many martial masters to keep watch there. From the time Number One disappeared until now, the justice department’s jail has become more and more tightly guarded. It seems that the number of martial masters keeping watch increases each day.”

“According to our speculations, it is very likely that Number One is currently being held there!” The Command Horse Rider’s eyes shined with certainty as he replied to Kong Shang Xin. His voice seemed to carry a fierce thirst for battle.

“Regardless if he is there or not, I will go and take a look!” Kong Shang Xin said arrogantly, “I want to see if King of Hell Chu’s heavenly dragnet could trap my Water Dragon!”

“Hahaha…!!!” The Dark Horse Riders and the Command Horse Riders laughed loudly.

“Can you guys guess the cultivation level of the martial masters that King of Hell Chu put on guard?” Kong Shang Xin asked pensively.

More than a dozen of his subordinates along with the two subordinates of Yin Wu Fa looked at each other and shook their heads. One of them had a constipated look on his face as he anxiously answered, “I think that they would be at least Martial Warriors!”

Another person immediately snapped, “You underestimate this King of Hell Chu! The prime minister had said never to underestimate your enemies! I think that they should be at least Martial Artists!”

Someone else said with concern, “I feel that there is the possibility that the enemies are Martial Masters or higher. After all, Martial Masters are difficult to deal with!”

“That’s right! That’s right! I think that there might be even Martial Great Masters!” Another person quickly added his thoughts.

“You have a point! But I feel as if… does this King of Hell Chu know what a Martial Great Master look like?” Kong Shang Xin raised his question with sympathy.

“Maybe this King of Hell Chu has never met one!” One of the Command Horse Riders shook his head and sighed, “In any case, Martial Great Masters are as rare to them as dragons!”

“Hahaha!!!” Everyone laughed out loud looking extremely joyous. The two Revered Martial Artists with Yin Wu Fa laughed loudest. Since coming here with Yin Wu Fa, the two had lived in comfort. Then they were turned into turtles in hiding; they dared not make any little movements until now.

“We should fulfill this little wish for King of Hell Chu!” Kong Shang Xin kindly said, “It would be pitiful for a person to die without having met a Martial Great Master!!!”

“Ahhh…” The Command Horse Riders gave a pretense of sympathy, and one of them sighed, “You guys are doing a good deed!” Then he looked at the Martial Great Masters and said sadly, “This is a great deed!”

They broke out in laughter!

“We should not delay! We should take a tour at midnight to see what sort of traps King of Hell Chu has set up!” Kong Shang Xin laughed, “If we wait until Official Cheng comes here, we will not be able to do our good deed. We should not let the opportunity pass us by; we might not have another chance!”

“You are truly wise!” Everyone said in admiration.

Once they had a plan, Kong Shang Xin started questioning the two Revered Martial Artists, “How did Third King level leader get so severely injured? He said that King of Hell Chu caused these injuries; is this true?”

“Yes!” The two Revered Martial Artists hastily replied.

“Haha, absolutely not!” Jing Meng Hun had already talked to Kong Shang Xin about Diwu Qing Rou’s deductions. Therefore, Kong Shang Xin was feeling especially confident, “Your leader was fooled by King of Hell Chu!!!”

“Huh?!?” The two Revered Martial Artists were shocked.

“But don’t tell about this just yet!” Kong Shang Xin sighed, “We want to avoid giving him any shock while he is recuperating!” Looking at the wounds on Yin Wu Fa’s body, Kong Shang Xin cursed silently, “These moves are too cruel; each stab pierced right through the body, clearly without any intention of letting him live. This is done by a Sword King!”

He thought about Diwu Qing Rou’s words: “eliminate this misunderstanding at all costs.” These words made Kong Shang Xin felt trapped.

Before coming here he had only one intention which was revenge. But since Jing Meng Hun passed down the order from Diwu Qing Rou, Kong Shang Xin had to bear with it.

During this mission, saving his third brother and bringing him home safely was enough for Kong Shang Xin. That Number One was of no consequence to him. But after seeing Yin Wu Fa and his pitiful appearance, Kong Shang Xin became furious!

The moment he saw Yin Wu Fa’s wretched state, his objectives changed! He had originally thought that Yin Wu Fa was to top King level master. While he was injured in Lower Three Heavens, how bad could those injuries be?

However, he had now believed that a King level master could be killed in Lower Three Heavens!

Another important thing was, while he understood Diwu Qing Rou’s judgment, Diwu Qing Rou’s order did not seem right to him: He was not allowed to do anything until Cheng Yun He arrives! No matter what happened later, he had to discuss with Cheng Yun He before taking action.

He’s clearly saying that Cheng Yun He was the leader of this mission! Motherf*… what is Cheng Yun He? He dares boss around a King level master like me?

It was especially bothersome that Diwu Qing Rou had repeated this over and over again. So at this moment, Kong Shang Xin could no longer bear it. As the vanguard he had arrived first. While Cheng Yun He was still dragging behind for another two days, he was going to do something substantial!

If he could kill King of Hell Chu before Cheng Yun He arrives then…

I am going show the prime minister! Even without that Cheng Yun He, I, Kong Shang Xin, can also do great deeds!

Kong Shang Xin’s fighting spirit boiled to the heavens. He wanted to follow his own plans and quickly deal with this blood debt once and for all.

While Diwu Qing Rou’s plan was flawless, he had miscalculated one thing. He might have taken into consideration the affection Yin Wu Tian had for his brother Yin Wu Fa, but he did not bother to think about the friendship that Kong Shang Xin and Yin Wu Fa had.

Perhaps this was because Diwu Qing Rou, himself, was not one to care about friendship. He probably understood the affection between biological brothers, but he probably never had any sort of friendship and never understood it…

He only knew that Kong Shang Xin was a seasoned person who acted calmly and, therefore, the best candidate for this job. But he absolutely did not expect that Kong Shang Xin, who was experienced and composed, would be so affected by Yin Wu Fa’s injuries that the fury in his heart would awaken.

This was Diwu Qing Rou’s mistake. The kind of mistake that was not related to intelligence, but human nature!

Chu Yang was currently returning to Heavenly Armament Pavilion.

When he got there, he was frightened. In the front court, he saw five figures fighting each other violently.

The fight went as follow: Gu Du Xing and Rui Bu Tong fought with the other three. After a little while, Gu Du Xing and Ji Mo fought with the other three. Then the fight changed to Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo against the other, Gu Du Xing fought with three people, a second later, Gu Du Xing fought against four people!

From the front court to the island, from the island to the water, then to land, they continued to fight with each other.

Each of them was panting, and their eyes were red, but none of them showed any intentions to retreat.

Chu Yang could feel that the situation was not good and quickly went over to stop them. In the worst case scenario, he would be washing their underwear!! (walkthejianghu.com)

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