How could these proud and arrogant young masters ever accept failure? Not only that, they were competing with each other to be number one.

In their minds, comparing with others outside had no meaning. They had to be compared with each other! It was because they all had equal status; they only considered themselves successful if they defeated the others! In some ways, it could be looked upon as a contribution to their respective clans!

These guys were never valued in their clans. Each time the word clan was mentioned there would be a discontent appearance of their faces. But, strangely enough, their devotion to their clans ran very deep.

While they were a bunch of hooligans, they became concerned whenever the interest of their clans were at stake. They were descendants of great clans with pride in their heritage.

“You guys want to have an extreme breakthrough?” Chu Yang slowly walked forward and asked with a smiling face.

Gibberish, the five people looked at him with annoyance; they thought: According to your bullshit regulations, we would have to have an extreme breakthrough every two days to increase one grade in a month!

Extreme breakthrough every two days? We’re going to train to death!

“But, if you guys keep training like that, how can you break through?” Chu Yang folded his arms and smiled derisively, “Are you all idiots?”

“Then how would you have us train?” Luo Ke Di grunted coldly as he wiped sweat off his forehead.

“You are all, at the lowest, Martial Great Masters! If you keep fighting like this, how much time would you have to waste? Not to mention you do not have that life or death urgency. Plus, at your level, you don’t need that much time to recover your stamina; your recovery speed might not be as fast as the exhaustion speed, but it is certainly enough to stretch out your endurance time!”

“This is a concern for most martial artists!” Ji Mo replied sadly, “But what can we do about it? Only when we reach an extreme state and pass through that near death exhaustion where our dantian is dried up can our cultivation advance one step further! But you are saying that we have no hope of it?”

“There is great hope, but you guys are stupid and are unable to see this key point!” Chu Yang sneered, “In a day, I can have three or four extreme breakthroughs! I have just been so busy with official business. Otherwise, if I could dedicate all of my time to training, then… I can train my body to the point of destruction! Do you know what training until destruction means?”

“Three or four breakthroughs a day? Are you a saint or something?” Ji Mo sneered condescendingly. He absolutely did not believe Chu Yang’s words. For an ordinary person, one breakthrough was possible. But he was a Martial Artist, his energy was more powerful; having one extreme breakthrough was already hard enough. How could he break through three to four times a day?

“It is pressure! You all have lived pampered lives, how could you know what pressure is?” Chu Yang said with a look of pity.

“Then you think you could give us pressure?” Ji Mo glared.

“Easy!” Chu Yang turned to Gu Du Xing, “Gu Du Xing, give me your socks!”

Gu Du Xing was caught off guard, but he still did as Chu Yang asked. He took off his shoes, and tossed his sweat-soaked socks over with some hesitation. Even though they were on the island, but Luo Ke Di, Ji Mo, and Rui Bu Tong all held their nose and backed up three meters the moment he took his socks off.

After fighting all day, the smell sweaty socks was much more powerful than that of salted fish… Even though Gu Du Xing tossed the socks, they landed upright on the ground.

“Now, all four of you can train on your own! Swords, punches, whatever you want. In short, choose the one that would waste the most energy.”

Chu Yang looked at the socks standing on the ground, and could not help but twitch. He turned to the four men and said, “I am going to give you one hour. At that time, if you have half a drop of energy left in your dantian, you have to kneel in front of Gu Du Xing’s socks and lick them twice. Then you have to turn to everyone and say, ‘I… Luo Ke Di, am not even comparable to these socks!’ After that, you would have to wash the socks clean in front of everyone!”

“Why did it have to be my name?” Luo Ke Di said unhappily, “Why not ‘I, Dong Wu Shang, am not even comparable to these socks!’… That would make a more appropriate example!”

He tilted his head and looked Dong Wu Shang glaring back.

“An hour? How could we use up all of our energy in an hour?” Ji Mo screamed.

“A few days ago, someone was chasing me down trying to kill me. In two breathing cycles, my body reached its extreme limit!” Chu Yang continued frankly, “Since then, I have discovered that I only needed a short amount of time to reach my extreme limit! The most important factor was pressure! Alright, you can start!”

“Du Xing, you can keep time. After an hour, if any of them do not reach their limit, you can deal with them as I stated. If all four of them are not successful, still do the same! You just need to give them a few more pairs of socks!”

The four became muted. He drained his energy in two breathing cycles? What kind of pressure was this Chu Yang under? They had no doubts in Chu Yang’s words because he did not need to lie to them!

“Yes!” Gu Du Xing happily replied. Then he enthusiastically waved his socks across the four people’s noses!

A shout rang out and the four dived right into training. If they did not achieve the goal this time, it would not only mean failure, but it would also be a great humiliation!

If it was just one person and Chu Yang gave such a condition, he would surely fight to the death with Chu Yang instead. But there were four of them here, and each one of them wanted to see their opponents as laughingstocks.

So with each move, they gathered energy from their entire body. Luo Ke Di was especially determined to use all of his strength. With each punch, his entire face turned fiery red as he continually cursed: This is for using my name as an example! How could I, Luo Ke Di, not be comparable to a pair of socks? Gu Du Xing’s socks at that!

In less than fifteen minutes, Luo Ke Di used the last of his strength to make his final punch. His eyes rolled, and he seemed to have fainted as dropped to the ground like a soft noodle.

Chu Yang darted toward Luo Ke Di and checked his meridians. After a little checking, he saw that this guy had really used up all of his energy; he turned around and yelled out, “Luo Ke Di has reached his extreme! He passed the inspection!”

The moment the other three heard Chu Yang called out, they became more anxious than ever. Motherf*, in only fifteen minutes?

“Stand up! Continue to train! Continue like before!” Chu Yang kicked Luo Ke Di’s body and grabbed his neck yelling, “Quickly!”

“No, I can’t!” Like a dog that’s been hung, Luo Ke Di’s eyes were all white, his limps drooped, and his tongue hung out; he murmur, “I am dying…!!”

“Gu Du Xing, quickly bring the socks and stuff them in his mouth!” Chu Yang snorted coldly.

“Right away!” Gu Du Xing happily replied; he immediately grab a dried branch to pick up the socks and ran slowly over.

“No…!!!” Luo Ke Di’s eyes were filled with extreme fear; some unknown strength came to him, and he was gone from Chu Yang’s grasp in a flash. He ran with great speed.

“After him! If you catch him, stuff the socks in his mouth!” Chu Yang yelled loudly.

Gu Dun Xing shouted and used all of his power to give chase. As for Luo Ke Di, his legs seemed to have turned to mush, his vision became blurry, and foam was coming out of his mouth. He did not even have the strength to curse at them. His mind became hazy, and he could only depend on his basic instinct to run!

Suddenly… Luo Ke Di, in his unconscious state, became stronger. The legs that were mushed, came back to life in seconds. His running grew faster and faster. He had run a great distance before he even became conscious of it. His eyes were still opened wide as he panted and ran.

Chu Yang gave Gu Du Xing the signal to continue giving chase. Gu Du Xing immediately understood and waved the smelly socks as he chased Luo Ke Di like an angry war god…

Luo Ke Di’s eyes were blank, but his speed continued to increase…

This situation left Ji Mo, Dong Wu Shang and Rui Bu Tong with wide eyes and gaping mouths! Besides Luo Ke Di, who did not know what was going on, to the ones on the outside one thing was clear: Luo Ke Di was going to have an extreme breakthrough!

Not only had he reached his extreme limit, he had an extreme breakthrough! All in a little over fifteen minutes!

The three had difficulty swallowing their own saliva and immediately dove back into training. If Luo Ke Di could do it, why can’t I? Thinking about this the three practically turned mad. They dumped all of their energy into training fearing that they might have held back half a drop of it with each move they made.

In less than an hour, the other three fell down in exhaustion. Then they were kicked by Chu Yang and were forced to continue training…

After an hour, the four of them fell to the ground breathing heavily. They had trained to their extreme limit without breaking a sweat. But now that they had stopped, sweat poured out like waterfalls. Each of them looked as if they just crawled out from the water.

“I already told you I could have three or four extreme breakthroughs in a day; do you believe me now?” Chu Yang snorted and asked calmly.

The four panted with difficulty, but there were rays of bliss in their eyes!

“Luo Ke Di achieved extreme limit three times and had two extreme breakthroughs!” Chu Yang continued, “The three of you cheated, but only achieved extreme limit two times and had one extreme breakthrough! You guys are far worse than him!”

Ji Mo and company showed a look of frustration.

How could you cheat with this?

Three quietly listened to the scolding. The time was the same for everyone; there was nothing to say about it. Failure was failure!

The most important thing was the discovery of a method to quickly increase their power; everyone was very excited! While it was a bit cruel, but in the fighting and killing of Jiang Hu, what was not cruel? At the very least, this method did not kill anyone…

Chu Yang nodded and stopped paying attention to them. He slowly returned to the front court and took position.

The four were shocked. Chu Yang was preparing to cultivate; they stared without blinking.

They only saw Chu Yang slowly moving, then his entire body started to violently tremble. He suddenly screamed out and sent out an extremely powerful punch! With this punch, they heard the clacking sounds of the bones in his body. (

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