“Given the current strength of Bu Tian Pavilion alone, this cannot be done.” Mo Tian Ji continued, “But King of Hell could do it and be successful. This person does not like to take risks, but if the situation requires it, he would not be afraid to do so. I had arrived at the citadel less than two hours ago; since entering this inn, I did not even have time to put my belongings down, and you are already at my door. With such an information network, Tie Bu Tian is a possibility, but he would not take the risk.”

“Plus, you had said, ‘Blow the water of Nine Heavens dry with my purple jade flute. Heavenly secrets are difficult to change, but heavenly secrets are easily found.’ These words clearly show that you already know who I am.”

“King of Hell Chu has the surname Chu, and your name is Chu Yang…”

Mo Tian Ji casually concluded, “Therefore, you are King of Hell Chu!”

At this time, the tea had been steeped just enough. Mo Tian Ji took out a teacup and gently placed it in front of Chu Yang. He tilted his hand slightly and slowly poured the green tea into the cup. The steam rose and covered his face. After that, he poured a cup of tea for himself and said his last words on the subject, “Given so many clues, if you are not King of Hell Chu, then I, Mo Tian Ji, must be blind!”

“Haha. You are really amazing!” Chu Yang looked at his tea with interest and said, “Could this be the legendary Tian Ji tea?”

“No!” Mo Tian Ji slowly sat down and replied, “Tian Ji tea requires Tian Ji tea leaves, Tian Ji teapot, and Tian Ji water. Plus, it has to be made by my own hands. Since I am out and about in Jiang Hu, you can only drink tea I made from Tian Ji tea leaves. So it is not a true Tian Ji tea.”

“So that’s it!” Chu Yang lifted up the teacup and took a sip. Then he smiled and said, “In fact, I do not sense the Tian Ji aroma.”

Mo Tian Ji smiled and replied, “If you are willing, you will get to experience the Tian Ji aroma one day.”

This statement indicated that if Chu Yang was to become friends with him, Chu Yang would get to know what kind of person he was!

“Yes!” Chu Yang nodded, “But this tea is too high class; I am afraid I cannot afford to drink too much of it.”

Mo Tian Ji thoughtfully looked at him for a while. Then he asked, “My little sister is well?”

From the beginning until now, he had been composed. But when he asked this question, an anxious, perhaps even worried, look appeared in his eyes.

He had been keeping himself from asking, and was using tea to calm himself down. But when the time came, he could not maintain his composure. The concerns Mo Tian Ji had for his little sister surpassed that of ordinary siblings.

Furthermore, Mo Tian Ji was able to sense something ominous in Chu Yang’s words. You have saved my little sister, how is it that you cannot afford to drink my tea? You can drink it for the rest of your life if you want, but you said you cannot afford to. This proves that something has happened to my little sister!

While Mo Tian Ji did not say these words out loud, his mind already knew. He was apprehensive.

“There is one thing that I find hard to understand.” Chu Yang continued to drink his tea casually, “You have always been famous for having superior intellect and being a thorough planner. Things are rarely kept from your all seeing eyes. But when you heard of some ancient remains, you just hastily went there without suspecting that it could be a trap.”

Chu Yang slammed the teacup onto the table and looked up Mo Tian Ji. His gaze was as sharp as a saber; he asked coldly, “This does not fit your intelligent character. This is also the cause for Xiao Wu getting ambushed and injured. I want to hear your explanation.”

Mo Tian Ji gripped tightly onto his teacup. And while he was still looking down, Chu Yang could feel a pair of icy eyes glaring at him from behind that black hair.

“Who are you that I have to explain it to you?” Mo Tian Ji replied coldly.

“Even if you don’t tell me, I can already guess a few things. Perhaps your little sister is a hindrance in your competition for the ruling position in the clan?” Chu Yang said fiercely, “Your little sister has always been close to you; everyone knows this. So if something unfortunate happens to her, nobody would suspect you! Right?”

“What are you trying to say?” Mo Tian Ji slowly lifted his head and looked at Chu Yang, “I, Mo Tian Ji, am this kind of person?”

“If something unfortunate happens to your little sister at the same time that the eldest young master, Mo Tian Yun, left, he cannot avoid being suspected. If the clan gets angry and blames Mo Tian Yun, then you would have your chance. You are, after all, a talent comparable to Mo Tian Yun; you only need one opportunity to be his replacement.”

Chu Yang continued coldly, “In losing a little sister, you would get a lifetime of glory and power!” His whole body tilted forward; he was right next to Mo Tian Ji’s face, “While you might feel guilty for the rest of your life, this deal is very beneficial. Am I right, second young master?”

Mo Tian Ji breathed heavily and stared at Chu Yang. Suddenly, bam!!! The teacup in his hand shattered to little pieces. He slammed his hand into the big table, and it turned into a pile of wood pieces. Mo Tian Ji yelled furiously, “Chu Yang, don’t use your evil belly to measure the heart of a good person. I would sooner kill myself than bring any harm to my little sister! What do you know? You are just making wild guesses!” Mo Tian Ji gritted his teeth, and, with burning red eyes, he said, “If it were not for the fact that you saved my little sister, I would have killed you already!”

Swoosh. The old man who went out earlier had entered through the window. He asked, “Second young master, is everything okay?”

Eyes filled with killing aura, he looked in Chu Yang’s direction.

“Leave! Get out!” Mo Tian Ji pointed to the window and screamed loudly.

The old man hesitated, then disappeared out the window again.

“What’s wrong? Did I hit a nerve?” Chu Yang looked at him mockingly, feeling totally refreshed.

In his previous life, Mo Tian Ji had never once lost control. Even if someone smashed all the bones in his body, his attitude would remain cool.

But Chu Yang knew that there was only one person capable of making Mo Tian Ji lose his composure; it was none other than Mo Qing Wu.

The love that Mo Tian Ji had for his little sister could not be any stronger.

Therefore, Chu Yang used Mo Qing Wu to attack him.

Otherwise, he could not have forced Mo Tian Ji to speak the truth. Chu Yang had always been suspicious of this incident. Mo Tian Ji was not capable of making such a stupid mistake.

As for the part about Mo Tian Ji using Mo Qing Wu to frame Mo Tian Yun, Chu Yang was just making a wild accusation to make him angry.

Mo Tian Ji’s arrogance, no one knew it better than Chu Yang.

This person was arrogant to the bones. Success for him had to be perfection. If anything was not perfect, he would never do it! Therefore, he could not have possibly harmed his beloved sister to frame his older brother!

Mo Tian Ji panted and slowly sat down. He asked quietly, “How is Xiao Wu?”

“You should answer me first!” Chu Yang replied coldly.

Mo Tian Ji took a deep breath, and suddenly became composed again. He knew that if he did not speak first, King of Hell Chu would never give in.

“In this life, you are the first person capable of prying secret information out of me.” Mo Tian Ji replied softly.

“King of Hell Chu is indeed formidable!” Mo Tian Ji smiled and continued, “You will pay for this someday!”

“I am not interested in your nonsensical flattery!” Chu Yang said casually, “Your position as second young master of the Mo clan does not scare me either!”

“That day, when we arrived at Connecting Clouds Mountain, we heard of a rumor about some ancient ruins; I did not pay too much attention to it.” His gaze became distant as he recounted the events, “But when I saw a fragment of Purple Crystal, I started to believe.”

“This is it!” Mo Tian Ji took out a piece of Purple Crystal and placed it on the table. (TLN: There were two tables in that room?)

“We found this under the bed in the house of the hunter that we were staying with. He did not know what it was. At the time, Elder Fang felt an energy fluctuation in the room and carefully searched among the pile of rubbish under the bed. When we asked the hunter, he said he did not remember when he picked it up. He only remembered that it was on that mountain.”

Mo Tian Ji smiled wryly.

Chu Yang took the piece of Purple Crystal and held it up to his eyes. It was a thin hexagon, only about as thick as two sheets of paper. Even though Mo Tian Ji had washed it, there was still some residual dirt from over the years.

“I could not tell that it was Purple Crystal when I looked at it.” Mo Tian Ji smiled.

Purple Crystal! (walkthejianghu.com)

Purple Crystal was a priceless item in this world. Within it was the energy to increase a person’s strength and mentality by one level. Only a handful of people from the big clans knew about this item.

“If you want to know whether it is Purple Crystal, you have to look through the light of a lamp or the sun.” Mo Tian Ji stated.

Chu Yang brought the Purple Crystal next to a lamp and looked curiously. He suddenly became shocked.

There was indeed a secret inside this hexagonal Purple Crystal.

A pattern appeared in his palm. They were beautifully written words: Master the world!

Master the world!

Chu Yang was startled. These words were nothing to an ordinary person, but to a martial artist, these words were representative of a powerful person!

Three thousand years ago, there was a martial artist in the Nine Heavens who did not start training in martial arts until he was twenty years old. He began at an ordinary sect, but with his supreme wisdom, he improved on cultivation techniques. In Lower Three Heavens, he achieved the state of Revered Martial Artist. After that, he went up to Middle Three heavens and joined some clan. He created his own techniques based on the techniques of this clan. And like that, he continued to advance. When he went up to Upper Three Heavens, he dominated for the rest of his lifetime.

He achieved everything in only ninety years!

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