Even if Gu Du Xing was a heaven sent talent and had excellent qualifications, he would be at least sixty years old by the time he becomes Sword Emperor! (TLN: normally…) And that girl who would spend her youth suffering inside Dragon Prison Cave was actually one year older than him. In the end, the best years of both their lives would be wasted and could not be taken back.

“If I want to get Sister Xiao Miao out of that cave then I have to reach the realm of Sword Emperor. But that is an extremely difficult task! And Sister Xiao Miao is already twenty-one this year!” Gu Du Xing said in despair, “Even if I really wanted to achieve that realm, I would need at least another three or four decades! In those three or four decades… How could Sister Xiao Miao bare it? How could she bare it…!”

Chu Yang looked up and said thoughtfully, “This problem is not necessarily unsolvable!”

“Do you have a way?”

Gu Du Xing quickly stood up and banged his body against the table, spilling the cups of wine on it. His eyes widened in anticipation.

“Uh-huh!” Chu Yang calmly nodded and said, “Elder Brother Gu, you are involved in this situation so you can’t see it. The foundation of your cultivation is in sword arts, right?”

“You have incredible insights, Elder Brother Chu.” Gu Du Xing’s showed a look of surprise. It was true that he concentrated only on sword arts cultivation and did not pay attention to any others. This was how he could stay focused and advance with the quickest speed!

However, no one had ever said something like that to him. This youth in front of him might have many commendable characteristics, but he was still very young. How could he have such potent insights? Even if he was a martial artist of higher ranking than mine, how could he recognize that the basis of my cultivation is sword arts without actually battling with me?

How could he know this?

“Since you took sword arts as your foundation, you only need to know one phrase: ‘the sword moves with side stroke’ (TLN: idiom for unexpected winning move)” Chu Yang smiled, “This unexpected winning move can even cause injuries to you, but once you make your move, it would definitely kill!”

“Yes, but… this is cultivation, what do I need to do to achieve this?” Gu Du Xing frowned and thought.

“Elder Brother Gu, how many people have you killed?” Chu Yang raised his brows.

“Kill people?” Gu Du Xing’s face changed color. He immediately took a deep breath and said, “Seven! Seven bastards!”

“Too few! To become powerful you need to kill enough for a mountain of dried bones. Moreover, this cultivation path is against the natural order! If you want to become Sword Emperor, you need to spend your whole life going through endless wind and rain of blood to achieve that realm!”

Chu Yang raise his brows, the light in his eyes radiated, “Gu Du Xing, if you trust me and place your entire cultivation process in my hands, I definitely can help you achieve the realm of Sword Emperor within ten years!”

“Ten years?” Gu Du Xing’s two eyes widened, reflecting dazzling rays of light.

Ten years was not exactly short, but compare to thirty to forty years, it was certainly much quicker. Besides, ten years from now he would only be thirty years old; it would not be too late.

But… is this true?

Chu Yang did not say anything. He only quietly smiled as if he had already given Gu Du Xing an answer.

“I am willing!” Gu Du Xing said decidedly, “If I could free Sister Xiao Miao in the shortest amount of time, then not just ten years, but I be would willing to hand over my entire life to you without any hesitations!”

“Good! The deal is done!” Chu Yang held out his hand, “You only need to listen to me and, in about ten years, I will help the two of you reunite! During this time period, let’s have a happy cooperation!”

“What should I do now?” Gu Du Xing asked.

“If you are worried revealing your identity, then don’t. First, you can disguise your face a little.” Chu Yang said casually, “Then, what you need to do is manage Heavenly Armament Pavilion in my stead and watch over these precious blades. For now, you need a good sleep and rest your head well. In the next ten years, there will be rivers of blood by your sword! Your enemies will spread over the entire continent! You must struggle at border of life and death and breakthrough in dangerous settings to achieve the unexpected winning move I just mentioned!”

“This is a difficult road; one that you cannot turn back from! But I believe that you are prepared before proceeding! Everything is for the girl you love, Gu Miao Ling!”

When he heard those three words “Gu Miao Ling!”, Gu Du Xing suddenly clenched his fists tightly and emitted a low groan from his throat like an injured animal. Only he knew that each mention of this name was like a stab at his heart.

No way back? For Sister Xiao Miao, I have no need for a way back!

Chu Yang went to the counter, and quickly grabbed paper and brush. After thinking for a moment, he immediately started to write something on the paper.

Seeing this, Gu Du Xing went over next to him and looked to see what he was writing. But in only a moment, Gu Du Xing’s eyes widened. His eyeballs bulged like two eggs!

“Revered Berserker Sword Technique?”

Gu Du Xing said the four words on paper with great difficulties! After that he immediately looked up, his face showed trace of disbelief as he looked at Chu Yang, “This… could this be true?”

Revered Berserker Sword Technique was the quickest cultivation technique for sword arts. Once started, both body and mind had to stay completely focused until the appointed period; it cannot be stopped before then. This was also the most extreme method of cultivation. Either the body would be completely destroyed or the sword artist would increase level after level.

Cultivating Revered Berserker Sword Technique can end in success or death. There was no third possibility!

According to legends, a few hundred years ago, this sword technique was created by Sword King Feng Xin (TLN: Closed Heart). He was called Closed Heart but he should in fact have been called Crazy Heart. Everyone agreed that the person who created this type of sword technique must be a madman!

Chu Yang got this sword technique in his previous life. During that time, in Middle Three Heavens, someone had discovered the burial place of Sword King Feng Xin. From there, they found this sword technique. But after studying it over for a long time, that person realized that even though this sword technique could help increase cultivation extremely fast, once you reach the last stage of cultivation, you would become a crazy person.

Sword King Feng Xin also went crazy and died because of cultivating this sword technique! Many people wanted to change and turn this useless sword technique into a treasure, but no one was successful. That was why Revered Berserker Sword Technique was tossed aside. Even if the sword technique is very powerful, it would be useless when the cultivator becomes crazy!

But the content of this sword technique was indeed handed down from Middle Three Heavens.

One day, after carefully looking at it, Chu Yang immediately discovered that Revered Berserker Sword Technique and the verse within Nine Tribulations Sword’s third fragment were a little similar. The thing was, Revered Berserker Sword Technique was by far inferior.

However, by changing a few key positions in the verse of Berserker Sword Technique, it could be used for cultivation normally. Moreover, cultivating with this new verse will cause speed of advancement to be extremely fast, like crazy.

But Revered Berserker Sword Technique’s power was not as strong as Nine Tribulations Sword, by more than one grade. Therefore, Chu Yang never bothered cultivating it. However, it did leave a deep impression within him.

And right now, it had a use. For a person who loved swords to a fault like Gu Du Xing, this sword technique was perfect!

“Take it!” Chu Yang finished writing the last word. He held up the paper still wet with ink and blew on it a few times before giving it to Gu Du Xing. This was an improved Revered Berserker Sword Technique. At this point, one only needed perseverance!

Gu Du Xing received the sword technique with trembling hands. This delicate paper had allowed him to find hope in helping Gu Miao Ling quicker.

How could anyone not be excited?

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  1. I just pointed out one small mistake I guess… But compared to you the translator, that’s nothing. And this Novel is like some Chinese Fortune telling with all those Chinese Proverbs it’s translation to English that’s a lot harder. So thank you Translator.

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  2. Why does he have to reach Sword Emperor level if the strongest in the clan is just King? Also, if Chu Yang can get a brother as strong as this guy does he still have to worry that much about his sect getting destroyed?


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